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Survivor 44: Who Is Josh Wilder Husband Alex? Kids And Family Ethnicity

Survivor 44: Who Is Josh Wilder Husband Alex? Kids And Family Ethnicity

Survivor 44: Who Is Josh Wilder Husband Alex? Kids And Family Ethnicity: After seeing the contestant in the first episode of Survivor season 44, fans immediately searched the internet for Josh Wilder’s husband for answers.

The popular TV show “Survivor” debuted its first episode of season 44 on March 1 with 18 new castaways vying for the title of “Sole Survivor,” including Josh Wilder.

Survivor has been popular with viewers since 2000, with new twists and turns added to each season, and there are no plans to end the series anytime soon.

The $1 million play may provide spectators with some genuine entertainment, but it is not as simple as many viewers may believe.

Josh is a survivor fan who has stated that he will play his game in the show by imitating former Survivor contestant Avi, who had a great social game and was a beast at exploiting challenges.

Josh Wilder Husband Alex- Do They Have Kids?

Josh Wilder’s husband Alex has also gained some attention after Josh became part of the hit show “Survivor”.

Josh Wilder, according to a source, has announced that he is openly gay. Josh Wilder’s wife Alex proposed to him in January 2023.

Later that day, on January 8, 2023, the survivor contestant took to Instagram to proudly announce his relationship status to his followers.

The couple has been happily married, but their wedding dates are not publicly available.

Josh Wilder posing with his husband
Josh Wilder posing with his husband

Furthermore, there are few details about Josh Wilder’s husband, such as his age, height, and profession. Likewise, no information about their children is available.

Josh values friendship, as evidenced by the numerous photos on social media of him with coworkers and college friends. He has written a post titled “Strategies For Improving Patient Care In The LGBTQ+ Community” and is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Wilder is active on social media and has shared several photos of himself with his husband on Instagram.

The survivor contestant and his husband’s proposal video drew a lot of attention and a lot of comments on the post.

Josh can be found on Instagram under the handle @lets get wilder. He has posted several pictures with his husband and frequently updates his followers on his love life.

Wilder has 1476 followers and 109 posts as of the writing of this article. However, as the Survivor series progresses and Josh makes an impressive performance, his follower count will skyrocket.

Josh Wilder Family and Ethnicity

Joshua “Josh” J. Wilder is a surgical podiatrist who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michelle Marie Tarpley, Josh’s mother, is one of the most influential people in his life. She raised him and helped him discover his identity and place in the world.

Survivor 44: Who Is Josh Wilder Husband Alex? Kids And Family Ethnicity
Josh Wilder posted pictures with his mother

Josh, according to rumors, has at least one brother. Unfortunately, information about the brother is still unavailable on the internet. Similarly, Josh’s ethnicity information is unavailable online.

Josh enrolled at Washington & Jefferson College in 2006 to study Biology/Biological Sciences, General.

The survivor contestant graduated in 2010, and in order to obtain his DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) by 2016, he enrolled in the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in 2012.

Josh was born with a congenital condition known as Prune Belly Syndrome, which is a little-known fact about him. When he was nine years old, he received a kidney transplant and was prescribed immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of his life.

Wilder underwent total stomach removal at the age of 25 after developing stomach cancer as a side effect of his medication. He has recently changed his eating and drinking habits, which has helped him live a healthy and cancer-free life.