What To Learn From Blake Shelton’s Failed Marriages, Love Life and Family
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There is no doubt that Blake Shelton has a name that inspires real reverence, especially in the field of country music. Since 2001, the eight-time Grammy Award nominee has had one of the most eventful careers and has released no less than 11 studio albums, two compilations, and three original album series. But depending on how you look at it, his love life has perhaps been even more eventful. After two marriages and two divorces behind him, but still giving romance a big place in his life, there can be no doubt that the star has an infinitely elastic heart. Join us as we explore this extremely interesting aspect of his life.

Blake Shelton’s Fact Card

Blake Shelton’s Failed Marriages

As already indicated, the good-looking guy was married twice. His first wife was Kaynette Williams, while his second wife was Miranda Lambert. What happened to these two marriages?

His First Wife Kaynette Williams Was His High School Girlfriend

Blake’s first wife Kaynette Williams (née Gladly) was his first love and fellow countryman from Oklahoma. They met when they were both teenagers and in high school. They met for many years before they decided to legalize their relationship in 2003. As long-time lovers, we can imagine that they shared their dreams and desires over the years. No wonder Kaynette ended up as Blake’s first female manager.

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At their wedding, they fell in love and Blake Shelton sang a song that melted her heart – “Julia” by Conway Twitty (remember that Blake’s career was still in its infancy at the time). After falling in love with each other in their pure innocence and surviving many years of the twists and turns and the storm, everyone was full of hope that the relationship would last at least for a while. But surprisingly, in less than two years cracks began to develop, and while their friends, family, and fans hoped that they would overcome the initial hiccups, the marriage was officially ended in 2006, just three years after it began.

After that, Kaynette accused Blake of inappropriate marital behavior and had to move back to Oklahoma from Nashville just to stay far away from him. To confirm that this was her reason for moving, there was a time when Blake Shelton also moved to Oklahoma with his new love Miranda Lambert and Kaynette had to move away again.

Blake Shelton Married A Fellow Country Music Singer In His Second Attempt At Marriage

If long years of dating and sharing many commonalities could not keep Blake Shelton in his marriage with Kaynette, then perhaps common hobbies and professional interests. Five years after the end of his first marriage, the star married again in 2011. This time his wife was a country writer and singer Miranda Lambert.

Although Blake and Miranda were married on 14 May 2011, the couple had been together for at least half a decade. They first met in 2005 at a concert where they sang “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” together. Blake was still married at the time but said he fell in love with Miranda when they sang on stage. Is it possible that they started dating right after that? Could it be that Kaynette described this as “inappropriate marital behavior”? Well, we don’t know, but what we do know is that they started meeting in public as soon as Blake’s marriage to Kaynette was officially ended.

Blake Shelton did take steps with Miranda to make sure his previous experience with Kaynette would not be repeated. They spent years smoothing things over first – writing songs and singing together, making backups for each other and all that. Then, after four years, Blake felt that he was secure enough to spend the rest of his life with Miranda. He took another step to make sure the marriage would last by asking Miranda’s father for permission to propose to his daughter.

Despite all these efforts, the marriage lasted only four years, but there are signs that the relationship itself began to crumble just two years after the wedding. Initially, the rumor mill was concerned with Blake’s infidelity and a possible divorce from Miranda, which the couple had to publicly deny several times. Finally, they officially divorced on July 20, 2015.

What is Blake Shelton’s Relationship Status and Does He Have Kids?

Blake Shelton is not legally married at the time of writing this article. But he has an active romantic relationship with Gwen Stefani, which probably began in 2015 or earlier. The earliest indication that the two had a thing for each other was in 2014 when Gwen filled in for Christina Aguilera as a coach at The Voice while Christina was on maternity leave. A month after Shelton’s divorce was announced, news of Gwen’s divorce also surfaced.

In October of the same year, the media were inundated with speculation about a possible relationship between the duo. There were reports that they had been seen together in restaurants and at events before they appeared on each other’s social media sites. They’ve been together ever since, and there are also rumors of a possible wedding. But so far they seem to be happy only as lovers.

Blake Shelton does not have children yet, although there have been rumors about that as well. Initially, there was speculation that Miranda Lambert was pregnant after the divorce because the couple had one night of steamy reconciliation sex. But after that, no baby turned up. More recently there have been rumors that Gwen Blake was pregnant, but the couple has denied this.

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Blake Shelton’s Birth Family

As for the singer’s background data, Blake Shelton’s father is Richard Shelton, while his mother is Dorothy. He has a sister named Endy and a deceased brother named Richie, whom he still loves so much after many years of passing away.

Richie lived between 1966 and 1990, Blake was only 14 years old when Richie died, but the singer still honors the memory of his deceased big brother because Richie was, according to him, his greatest inspiration growing up.

Richie was sitting in a car driven by his girlfriend when tragedy struck. The car rammed into the back seat of a school bus and Richie, his girlfriend and their 4-year-old son died instantly. Later Blake wrote a song together with Miranda Lambert called “Over You” as a tribute to the late Richie Shelton. The song was sung by Miranda Lambert.