Meet Megan Fox Growing Family
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You’d be surprised how many hot celebrity moms we have out there. These girls do everything, they have booming careers and they still manage to have nice families. So that’s what today is all about, a career girl and her family, in that sense let’s get right to the point, starting with Megan Fox kids.

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Megan Fox Kids

The actress is a proud mother of three sons, and she still doesn’t look like she has had any children. Their first son, Noah Shannon Green, was born on September 27, 2012, the next son, Bodhi Ransom Green, was born on February 12, 2014, and recently they welcomed their son Journey River Green on August 4, 2016.

Meet Megan Fox Growing Family

Megan Fox and Brian have a damn cute family, and the pictures they have in common tell everything. Sometime in 2016, Green showed some adorable snapshots of his little tribe, raving not only about them but also about his wife. According to ET, in the first photo Bodhi, 2, poses in a ravishing way with a red wig, while in the next picture he is hanging out with his older brother Noah, 4: “I miss being young”.

Meet Megan Fox Growing Family

Next, he showed a picture of the newest addition to the family, Journey, the photo was captioned: “My wife makes beautiful babies”. Baby Journey is not only known for being as lovable as possible, but he is also a genius/psychic baby. Wait for this rollercoaster of a story.

Megan caused a bit of a stir when she claimed that her unborn child was communicating with her from the womb. Yeah, you heard us right. He gave her messages and hints and said here that he wanted to move and be raised somewhere else.

Meet Megan Fox Growing Family

Here’s what the mother of three said in Jimmy Kimmel Live: “You don’t hear an audible voice, but you hear messages if you’re open to them. For example, this baby wanted me to live somewhere else, so we’re moving to a completely different place in Los Angeles because I feel like this baby wants to be raised there.

Well, that’s all we have on Megan Fox’s children right now, we hope to see more of the little rascals in the days to come.

Megan’s Husband

Brian Austin Green was quite a big shot in the ’90s, starring in the successful television series Beverly Hills, 90210, make no mistake, this was not his first or only rodeo, the star’s husband was also featured in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Freddie, Wedding Band, Anger Management, Smallville and Desperate Housewives.

Before he met Megan and went out with her, there were a few other famous women in his life, he dated his Beverly Hills, 90210 co-stars Tiffani Thiessen in the early and mid-1990s, and he and his 90210 cast colleague Vanessa Marcil have a son together. His name is Kassius and he was born sometime in March 2002.

Meet Megan Fox Growing Family

Megan was just 18 to 30 years old when they first met. He was a guest star in an episode of Megan’s series Hope & Faith, and for her, the attraction was immediately apparent. In 2006 the two took a step towards total commitment when they moved in together. Soon after, you could see Megan walking around with a ring on it.

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With great fame comes great responsibility, 2007 was a good year for the couple in their careers, Megan was on the hype about Transformers, while Brian had Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. At that point, they started to drift apart, because of work. So it was no surprise when they canceled their wedding in 2009.

Meet Megan Fox Growing Family

It didn’t last long, as the two got re-engaged the following year, and two weeks after announcing their re-engagement, they tied the knot at a private ceremony in Hawaii in late June. The only guest present was Brian’s son Cassius.

In 2015, everything collapsed when the actress filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. One source told the people: “They will always love each other very much and be faithful to their children. Anything could happen in the future, but now they have decided that it is best to separate for a while.

So imagine the surprise when she announced that she was pregnant the following year and that her husband was the father. In this case, we can say that their separated time and the baby put things in perspective for both of them, as their divorce is now “on hold” as they comfort together on their newborn.