Pierce Brosnan’s Family: Meet The Wife and Kids of The Most Charming ‘James Bond’
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“Shaken, not stirred” is one of the side strands of the superspy James Bond, who has become an icon as a film character. The cult status of this character has spread to the eight men who played the Bond role in the franchise, and they have all received much respect for their efforts to bring the character to life. Pierce Brosnan was the fifth man to play James Bond and his career has continued to grow ever since. But being James Bond is not the only interesting thing in Pierce Brosnan’s life, because he also had an interesting love life. We explore the exploits of the charming James Bond star with love in real life.

Pierce Brosnan’s First Marriage: How Did It End?

Pierce Brosnan was a young actor who had just left acting school when he met Cassandra Harris, an Australian actress. Both were introduced to each other by their stepson David Harris, and when he met her, Brosnan just wanted to be her boyfriend – the thought of a relationship between the two didn’t occur to him at the time.

However, Harris and Brosnan started dating soon after, and their relationship was serious enough to buy a house together. By late 1980 they were a married couple, and three years later their first son Sean was born. Before Cassandra and Brosnan were married, she was married to Dermont Harris and they had two children, Charlotte and Christoper. When Dermont died, Brosnan adopted them both.

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In 1981 Harris had a role in the Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only”, and after working on this movie she felt that Brosnan would play Bond brilliantly. This was to prove true fourteen years after the character was cast in GoldenEye 1995.

By all accounts, Brosnan and Harris had a good relationship, but it all ended in 1991. Cassandra Harris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1987, and after a long struggle with the disease, she died in 1991, ending Brosnan’s first marriage.

Who Is Pierce Brosnan Current Wife?

Three years after Harris’ death, Pierce Brosnan met Keely Shaye Smith on a beach in Mexico and in August of that year they were married. Keely Smith is a journalist who has written books and worked as a model and host of television shows. Her work as a journalist began when she worked for ABC on The Home Show, which she hosted for six years. This show focused on the environment and ran from 1988 to 1994, and Smith’s work earned her a number of awards, including a Special Achievement Award.

When she finished at ABC, she moved to NBC, where she worked on Unsolved Mysteries, which later became a hit show. Keely Smith worked as a correspondent for Unsolved Mysteries for three years and then moved to Good Morning America, where she also worked as a correspondent. Keely Smith has since gone from a pure correspondent to a producer. She is also committed to the environment and supports other causes that she and her husband, Pierce Brosnan, pursue.

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Who Are Pierce Brosnan Children And What Have They Been Up To?

The actor has five children in total. His first marriage to Cassandra Harris produced only one child – Sean William Walter Brosnan, who was born on September 13, 1983. However, the couple had three children, with the other two adopted from Cassandra’s first marriage to Dermott Harris. When Christopher and Charlotte were adopted by the actor, their surnames changed from Harris to Brosnan.

The other two children of the actor come from his second marriage and are both sons. Dylan Thomas was born in January 1997, while his younger brother Paris Beckett was born in February 2001.

His daughter Charlotte died in 2013 at the age of 42 after being struck by the same disease that killed her mother – ovarian cancer. Sean Brosnan, Pierce’s first son, followed in his father’s footsteps and made a career as an actor and filmmaker in the cinema. He wasn’t as successful as his father but he was able to establish himself in the world of film.

Sean’s younger stepbrothers Dylan and Paris also work in the entertainment industry, but as models and their careers are only just beginning.