Who is Alessandro Nivola and Is He Married With Kids?
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Alessandro Nivola is a highly talented actor with extensive filmography spanning various genres, making him one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. From action movies to drama to science fiction, Nivola has shown that he has the talent and range to tell different stories.

The Boston-born actor has been a professional actor since the mid-1990s with credits in the three media of television, film, and theater.

Not only is he one of the most talented actors in the world, but he is also married to one of the most talented actresses, Emily Mortimer. Learn more about Alessandro Nivola’s life and career below.

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Who Exactly is Alessandro and How Old is He?

Alessandro Nivola was born on 28 June 1972. The actor was born in Boston, Massachusetts, into a fairly historic family. His immediate parents, Virginia Davis and Pietro Salvatore Nivola are artists and professors of political science.

His important genealogy also includes his paternal grandfather, Costantino Nivola, who was a remarkable sculptor. His mother is a relative of Jefferson Davis, who was a President of the Confederation. Alessandro grew up with his brother Adrian.

Coming from a wealthy family, Alessandro Nivola had access to quality education; he studied at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy and later at Yale University. During a brief move to Burlington, Vermont, Alessandro attended the Mater Christi school.

He was born into a family that was seriously involved in art, and it was no coincidence that Alessandro found his way into art. Not only does he have the looks of a classic modern actor, but also the charm of one, and it was no surprise that he received a nomination for the Drama Desk Award after his debut as a professional actor on a Broadway stage.

In his debut, in a production of A Month In The Country, the actor played the counterpart of the formidable and iconic Helen Mirren.

His ability to stand up to an acting icon like Helen Mirren and deliver a performance that deserves critical acclaim was all Alessandro needed to show that he was a capable actor.

Since then, he has appeared in several films and television shows and from one project to the next he has made extraordinary achievements. Some of his appearances in films include American Hustle, Laurel Canyon, Jurassic Park 3, Face/Off, and many others.

Several of his performances have earned him nominations for various film awards, so much so that he has his own Wikipedia page for his award nominations and winnings.

While he has an extensive list of appearances in film, he has a limited number of appearances on television. Alessandro Nivola appeared in the television movie The Wizard of Lies in 2017, where he played the son of the famous Bernard Madoff, Mark Madoff. This remains one of his few remarkable appearances on television.

He also played Leo Kritzky in the mini-series “The Company”. Other television appearances include The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery, The Ring, Remember IF, and Doll & Em.

In the theatre, where he introduced himself to Hollywood executives as an impressive actor, he appeared in a modest number of plays. His performance in one of the plays, The Elephant Man, where he starred alongside Bradley Cooper, earned him a nomination for best leading actor in a play at the Tony Awards.

Since he was not satisfied with just playing in front of the camera, Nivola founded a film and television company called King Bee Productions. He and his wife, the actress Emily Mortimer, own the production company.

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What We Know About His Married Life

As mentioned above, Alessandro Nivola not only enjoys the prestige and fame of a successful actor, he is also married to an amazing woman, Emily Mortimer, who, like Nivola, is also an actress. The couple has been married since 2003, when they entered into the Covenant of Life in Buckinghamshire in January 2003. They have two children, a son named Samuel and a daughter, May Nivola.

Although Emily is British, she has moved to America where she lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn, New York City. His wife, Emily, is known for her work in film and television. Her notable works include The Newsroom, Harry Brown, Mary Poppins Returns, and several others.