Leanne Goggins Bio, Everything To Know About Walton Goggins’ Wife
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The name Leanne Goggins will probably remain unknown until her famous husband Walton Goggins is mentioned. Walton is a veteran actor who is popular for his role in Justified – a celebrated series that has received an Emmy Award nomination in the past. Leanne is not a celebrity herself; she had her own dog training center and served as Canyon News’s first consultant. However, the dog trainer only made the headlines when she took her own life in 2004.

We take a look at everything there is to know about Leanne Goggins and what led to her death.

Leanne Goggins – Bio

Her exact date of birth is not publicly known, but Leanne Goggins was born in 1967. Her country of birth is Canada, which indicates her Canadian citizenship, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. She was the only descendant of her parents whose identity is not known, although it is an established fact that they are Christians. Leanne had a case of jaundice at birth, which caused one viral disease after another throughout her childhood. Her doctors had to put her on a strict diet in order to curb her incessant health problems.

As for her academics, due to her poor health, she began formal education at the secondary school level and attended one of the city’s popular high schools. Despite her late start, she still achieved good grades in school and went on to higher education, although the name of her alma mater and her course of study was never shared. While Leanne studied at the university, she also enrolled in a pet class.

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When she finished the pet training course, she went to a pet training farm to look after dogs, where she mastered all kinds of techniques for different breeds of dogs. Finally, she founded her own dog training center where she breeds dogs of different breeds. Leanne Goggins not only takes care of her diet but also usually takes various adventurous walks. Leanne Goggins trains them in activities like running, swimming, and hiking. Her affection for her dogs was very noticeable, even the dogs were very attached to her, as several of her old customers confirmed.

Leanne Goggins Net Worth

Leanne Goggins was never a celebrity herself, but her connection to Watson brought her under the media’s attention. Her net worth was recently estimated at £300,000, thanks to her connection with her spouse, who has a net worth of $8 million.

Relationship With Walton Goggins

Leanne was married to the veteran actor Walton Goggins. The duo met in 2000 and began meeting shortly after. After a year they decided to culminate their relationship in marriage. Their wedding took place in 2001, shortly after their spouse had finished shooting the film called Shanghai Noon. Their relationship lasted for three years and finally ended with a divorce, which was consummated in 2004.

The marriage reportedly became unstable when Leanne expressed her displeasure with her partner’s busy schedule, and she did not like living in LA and was homesick for her Canadian home. Leanne was the one who filed for divorce, which meant the end of their relationship.

Before their divorce, they were perceived by their friends as a perfect couple, in the belief that their union was a happy one. They were always seen together in public, taking part in events and functions. After their divorce, however, all communication ceased and they even went so far as to delete their shared pictures from their respective online accounts.

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Leanne’s height and weight were never listed, but her general body statistics were 34-24-32 and she had dark brown hair and blue eyes. The late wife of Watson Goggins wore a bra size of 34B.


Leanne Goggins died on November 12, 2004; her death has ruled a suicide because she had jumped from the 17th floor of a tower in Los Angeles. It was fatal, but she did not die instantly and was taken to the nearest health facility where she was treated. Head injuries and internal bleeding were reported as the immediate cause of death. Leanne reportedly gave her husband the divorce papers before the suicide.

Another report surfaced indicating that Leanne Goggins was suffering from chronic depression and the gap between her and Walton may have made matters worse. The exact reason for her suicide never came to light, but sources attributed it to her state of constant unhappiness in her marriage, mainly due to her husband’s busy schedule.