Meet Susan Dee Robbins Biography: Wife of Dale Robertson
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Dale Robertson who was an actor was married to Susan Dee Robbins. He became famous for acting in TV shows even though he also appeared in movies.

We don’t know much about Susan Dee Robbins’ childhood but we do know that she was born on February 27, 1955, in La Jolla San Diego California. She is now 68 years old. This information comes from the internet.

But Susan Dee Robbins’ husband Dale Robertson was born on July 14, 1923, in Harrah Oklahoma which is a state in the United States. Dale Robertson had a brother named Chet Robertson.

Dale Robertson was married to Susan Dee Robbins. He was a famous actor. Dale Robertson passed away in 2013 after being married to Susan Dee Robbins for 32 years. They did not have any children together but Dale had three daughters from previous marriages.

What was Dale Robertson’s net worth when he passed away?

Before he died Dale Robertson was worth $5 million. This means he had a lot of money.

Susan Dee Robbins Education & Career

Susan Dee Robbins was famous for being Dale Robertson’s wife. Dale Robertson was an actor who often played a humble clever hero in Western movies and TV shows.

Susan Dee Robbins met Dale Robertson while she was working as a flight attendant for American Airlines. We don’t know if she had any other jobs besides this one. She is mostly famous for being married to Dale Robertson and doesn’t seem to be famous for anything else.

Robertson hosted a TV show called Death Valley Days from 1968 to 1970. He didn’t plan to become an actor but his career began when he was in the American Army.

His mother didn’t have a photo of herself so she asked him to draw her portrait. He went to Hollywood with three soldiers to find a photographer.

He put up pictures he took in his mom’s living room. The pictures caught the attention of some people in the movie business. They sent him letters offering to be his agent.

Due to his injuries during military service, he couldn’t continue his career in boxing.

Because he got hurt during his time in the military he couldn’t keep boxing professionally anymore.

He also appeared in two western movies with Randolph Scott but we don’t know the names of the characters he played in them. The movies are The Cariboo Trail and Fighting Man of the Plains both released in 1949 and he played Jesse James in another movie in 1950.

Since he had only played minor roles 20th Century Fox gave him a seven-year contract. He appeared in his first movie at Fox as a supporting actor in the western film Two Flags West (1951).

He also acted in a musical named Call Me Mister in a small role in 1951. After that, he got leading roles in movies such as Take Care of My Little Girl and Golden Girl in 1951.

Susan Dee Robbins Net Worth

In 2022 people think that Susan Dee Robbins has about $1.7 million.

Susan Dee Robbins Family & Siblings

Susan Dee Robbins was born in San Diego California in 1954. We don’t know much about her family or what they do for work but we do know that she is American and of white ethnicity.

Susan Dee Robbins Marriage to Dale Robertson

Dale Robertson a famous American actor and TV star met Susan Dee Robbins on a plane from California to Oklahoma where Susan worked as an air hostess for American Airlines. They eventually got married.

As an air hostess for American Airlines Susan Dee Robbins met Dale Robertson on a flight from California to Oklahoma. She recognized Dale right away from his famous TV show Tale of Wells Fargo which she loved. Susan was excited to meet him and decided to introduce herself. They hit it off and eventually got married after a few years.

Dale Robertson had been married before to Mary Murphy Frederica Jacqueline Wilson and Lula Mae but those marriages didn’t work out. So when he married Susan Dee Robbins they wanted to keep it private so that they could focus on their relationship without outside pressure.

Susan Dee Robbins and Dale Robertson got married in a small secret ceremony. Before meeting Susan Dale had a bad history with women and decided to focus on his acting career instead of love and marriage. However, after meeting Susan on a flight they fell in love and got married in secret.

Dale Robertson a famous American actor decided to give love another chance when he met Susan Dee Robbins who he found attractive and had a great personality. They got married in a small ceremony and decided to keep their marriage a secret to avoid any problems. When they moved into their farmhouse in Oklahoma Dale Robertson started taking care of horses.

Susan Dee Robbins Children

Susan Dee Robbins and Dale Robertson did not have any children together and there is no information about any children they may have had separately.