Gunmen Video Of Kidnapping In Mexico- Are The Suspects Arrested?

Gunmen Video Of Kidnapping In Mexico- Are The Suspects Arrested?: Gunmen Footage Of Kidnapping In Mexico is currently trending on the internet. The audience is eager to learn more about this topic.

Four Americans were mistaken for Haitian smugglers when they drove over the U.S. border to purchase medicine before becoming caught up in a brutal gang war by a Mexican drug group.

Several news outlets have covered the abduction story. Read on to find out what occurred.

Gunmen Video Of Kidnapping In Mexico

Unbelievable footage shows four Americans being loaded onto the flatbed of a pickup truck after being shot at and kidnapped in Mexico.

The victims’ names have not yet been published, but they were ambushed by gunmen as they neared Matamoros, a border city, on Friday.

The group went from Brownsville, Texas, to Matamoros, according to the FBI. According to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, they arrived in a white minivan with North Carolina license plates intending to purchase medicine but were caught in the crossfire between two armed groups.

The four Americans were in Mexico for a medical procedure, according to paperwork found in their vehicle, a US official with knowledge of the incident told CNN.

According to the official, the cartel thugs mistook the party for a smuggling operation for Haitians.

The American envoy to Mexico, Ken Salazar, said on Monday that the assault killed an “innocent” Mexican citizen.

He stated that several American justice groups worked with their Mexican counterparts to find the missing American citizens, but he did not provide any additional information.

One of the shooters is seen escorting a woman to a pickup truck and forcing her to lie on the flatbed.

His accomplice is dragging a man across the street before loading two more men into the car.

Kidnapping In Mexico: Are The Suspects Arrested?

No, the perpetrators have not yet been apprehended.

According to an FBI station in San Antonio investigation, the car was attacked soon after crossing into Mexico.

Four Americans were “taken from the location in a vehicle by armed men,” according to the office.

Gunmen Video Of Kidnapping In Mexico- Are The Suspects Arrested?

The FBI is providing a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the offenders and the safe return of the victims.

According to one witness to the kidnapping, the minivan was hit by another car at a junction before being shot.

An SUV eventually came, and several men got out.

Matamoros is well recognized for being home to rival Gulf Cartel factions.

Shootouts between rival gangs led the United States Consulate in Matamoros to issue a warning on Friday.

The number of fatalities and injuries reported by Tamaulipas state officials on Friday was not disclosed.

Matamoros is located in one of six Mexican states that the US Department of State has presently designated as a “do not travel” zone due to the local cartels’ potential for robbing and kidnapping American tourists.

According to Alto al Secuestro, a support group for abduction victims, at least 1,271 individuals will be kidnapped in Mexico in 2022.