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Diana Ross Biography, Children, Husband and Family Life of The Musician

Diana Ross Biography, Children, Husband and Family Life of The Musician
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Diana Ross is known in almost all parts of the world as one of those singers who seem to have always been there and will always be there. As a record producer and Grammy-winning singer, Ross has also appeared in a number of films and television shows. However, it is her work as a singer that has captured the eyes of the world, but apart from that she also has a very interesting private life.

Diana Ross – Biography

Diana Ernestine Ross was born on March 26, 1944, in the United States in Detroit, Michigan, where she was joined by her siblings from her parents, Ernestine and Fred Ross, Sr. Although the world knew her as Diana, the name her mother gave her at birth was Diane, but after a mistake that made her name be registered as Diana, it remained so, although her family and friends had always referred to her as Diane

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The woman, who today is considered one of the most successful singers of all time, had the ambition to become a fashion designer during her studies at the Technical University in Cass. Nevertheless, it was her music, which she started at the age of 15, which she presented to the world as a gift when she became part of the primettes.

The group, composed of Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, and Diana Ross, was later signed to Motown Records and renamed Supremes; it would later be considered one of the most successful American vocal groups. The group began in 1959 and continued until 1977 when it officially disbanded after a farewell concert.

Long before the group’s demise, Diana Ross had begun a solo career with the release of her first album, Diana Ross, in 1970, which won gold awards in the United States and the United Kingdom. A second album entitled Everything Is Everything followed in the same year. Before the 1990s, she had already released 18 albums, including Diana (1980), The Boss (1979), and Baby It’s Me (1977).

In the 1990s, she released more powerful albums, including The Force Behind the Power (1991), A Very Special Season (1994), Take Me Higher (1995) and Every Day Is a New Day (1999), and in 2006 she released two more albums, Blue (2006) and I Love You (2006).

With 4 Grammy Awards and many other nominations, she has also won many other awards for her music, including the Golden Globe Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, and in 1993 she was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful singer of all time. Diana Ross was inducted into the Soul Train Hall of Fame (1996), the Hall of Fame of the Songwriter (1998), and the BET Walk of Fame (1999).

As an actress, Diana Ross has appeared in a number of productions, including The Danny Thomas Show, Tarzan, Out of Darkness, and Double Platinum, in which she starred alongside Brandy.

Husband and Family Life of The Musician 

Diana Ross was married twice. The first man she married was Robert Ellis Silberstein in 1971. Before they were married, Ross became pregnant for the founder of Motown, Berry Gordy, but had the child, a daughter she named Rhonda Ross Kendrick, after she was married to Robert. He did the honorable thing and took her as his daughter.

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Unfortunately, the marriage also ended after the joint birth of two children in 1977, when Robert Silberstein divorced the singer. In his complaint, Silberstein said that the singer belonged to Motown. Although the divorce was hard for Diana, the two were still very close.

The next man to become Diana Ross’ husband was Arne Næss jr., a Norwegian businessman. The two first met in 1985 in the Bahamas. Only one year later they decided to become man and wife and make the singer the stepmother of Arne’s 3 children. Their first child, Ross Arne, was born in 1987, while their second child, Evan Olav, was born in 1988.

Although it was Næss who considered Diana the love of her life, their marriage ended in divorce in 2000. Unfortunately, Norwegian billionaire Arne Naess lost his life in 2004 after falling off a mountain while climbing in South Africa.

From their relationship and marriages, Diana Ross has five children, including Tracee Ellis Ross, who is an actress, model, and comedian, Evan Ross, actor and musician, and Rhonda Ross Kendrick (also a singer and actress). Others are Chudney Ross and Ross Naess.