Kayla Quick Bio, Wiki, Relationship With Michael Strahan, Quick Facts
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Michael Strahan is back in fashion, and the reason for this is his new girlfriend Kayla Quick. Since she’s not a celebrity, everyone is eager to know who she is and the questions on everyone’s lips are Who is Michael Strahan dating? Has he found love again? Who is his girlfriend? Even though the pretty blonde is not a celebrity and there is little or no information about her, we bring you some interesting facts about the newest celebrity girlfriend.

Kayla Quick Bio

Kayla Quick was born Kayla Lynn Quick on 17 October 1989 in Port Charlotte, Florida. Her father’s name is Gerald Alan Quick and her mother is Mary Kay Quick. Kayla’s mother is a cancer survivor while her father was originally from Missouri but served in the U.S. Army. His base was in Germany until he was transferred to Port Charlotte in 1968, where he settled and raised his family. He was born on March 6, 1958. Kayla Quick has American citizenship and belongs to the white ethnic group. She has a sister named Kara Lee Quick who works as a model and cook in Florida. It is on record that Kayla Quick attended high school and college, which she graduated in May 2011. However, there is no further information about the names of the schools she enrolled at or her degrees (in the case of her college education).

Kayla Quick Bio, Wiki, Relationship With Michael Strahan, Quick Facts
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Nothing more is known about the childhood and early life of the beautiful blonde, except that she was arrested twice as a teenager. At the age of fourteen, she got into a fight in her hometown of Port Charlotte, Florida. She was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, and when she was eighteen she broke into her grandmother’s house and made off with jewelry worth about $6,000. Her grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Cox, was only informed by the neighbors that 18-year-old Kayla was seen breaking into her house and hanging out with her then high school sweetheart Justin Hundley, so Mrs. Cox had her arrested and filed charges against the teenager. Her boyfriend and accomplice at the time, Hundley, later described her in an interview as a good girl who was in bad shape. He said it was like “a switch had flipped” and she changed all of a sudden.

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Kayla Quick is also known to have worked for about four months at the strip club known as “Three DollHouse” in Tampa, Florida. It is reported that she worked as a cocktail waitress, not as a stripper, but she had the habits that she used very effectively with men and, according to one source, she was able to “capture customers in such a way” that she “could clear up to $2,000 a week”.

Kayla Quick’s Relationship With Michael Strahan

Kayla Quick and her new admirer, Micahel Strahan, were spotted in several places with their PDA (Public Display of Affection) in full swing, which brought the gossip factory to boiling point with questions about who Kayla was and when it happened. The relationship is said to have started sometime in 2015 when Strahan was seen with Mrs. Quick at the 2015 Super Bowl after the party. This was the first time they were seen together. And it is official: Michael Strahan has found love again. Kayla and her husband seem to be taking things rather cautiously at the moment. But before you sing about how happy Kayla Quick is about her romantic relationship with Michael Strahan, you should know that Kayla is not the first woman in Strahan’s life. He is the father of four children and has tried to get married three times, but only twice, both of which ended in divorce.

Kayla Quick Bio, Wiki, Relationship With Michael Strahan, Quick Facts
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Strahan was married to Wanda Hutchin for four years (1992-1996) and they had two children together: Tanita (daughter, born 1992) and Michael Anthony Jr (son, born 1995). His second marriage to Jean Muggli was in 1999, and the union produced two beautiful daughters – twins in 2004 – but also ended in a very messy divorce, in which Muggli was awarded more than half of Strahan’s net worth at the time, plus $18,000 in child support by a divorce court. Nicole Mitchell, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, also came into play in August 2009, but the affair did not survive the engagement. In 2014, they separated after five years.

So Kayla still has a lot of work to do to keep Mr. Michael with her longer. However, the lovebirds seem to be very much in love with each other when they spend their time having romantic dinners, steamy holidays, family reunions, etc. The couple was seen vacationing on the beach in St. Bart’s and participating in games with the children. Great steps towards integration and bonding, right?

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Quick Facts About Kayla Quick

Kayla Quick is 17 years younger than her admirer Michael Strahan.

Her father died on 2 June 2012 at the age of 54, while her mother survived cancer.

Her family has a history of committing crimes for which she was arrested.

Mr. Quick, her father, was arrested more than 20 times for various crimes

Her sister, Kara Lee Quick was arrested in December 2008 for possession of controlled substances Xanax and Stilnox.

Kara is now a model and a chef in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For stealing her jewelry, Kayla was arrested by her grandmother who pressed charges against her. But the charges were not upheld because she confessed to committing the crime. She was given a juvenile sentence.