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Yodit Yemane Biography, Age, Family, Facts about the Model

Yodit Yemane Biography, Age, Family, Facts about the Model
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Yodit Yemane is an American model with one difference. She is a model who not only has a stunning figure, but also a positive charisma. Yemane is also a television personality and an Instagram sensation and has found more than a million followers on the website. She is best known for her partnership with online retailer Fashion Nova, which was involved in an alleged fashion scam with Kim Kardashian in February 2019.

Learn more about this stunning model as you read on.

Yodit Yemane Biography (Age)

She was born on June 23, 1997, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, under the sign of cancer. Yodit Yemane is of Eritrean descent but has American citizenship.

As for her education, she attended high school, but it is not known whether she graduated or not. The reason for this is that she started to become a model in school and her career finally began while she was still studying. However, it could be that she has finished her studies and is possibly aiming for a university degree.

Since her first appearance as a model in high school, the Floridian-born photographer has climbed other heights in the celebrity field. In addition to being a fashion model, she has added a television personality and the influence of Instagram to her ever-growing resume. She is best known for her partnerships with online retail stores such as Fashion Nova and PrettyLittleThing.

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Fashion Nova is one of the most successful Instabrand (Instagram brand) and one of the largest online retailers of 2018, known for its out-there apparel designs and for hiring some of the world’s most stunning models to whom one could attribute their upswing in recent months.

In February, the brand was involved in a fashion saga involving make-up mogul Kim Kardashian. Kim wore a stunning black Thierry Mugler dress at the Hollywood Beauty Awards, and within hours an imitation appeared on the e-commerce website, and they were already selling the dress, which sold out in no time. Although it is possible that these e-shops could reach the masses in a very short time, Kim called this a scam. You can read the details here.

Yodit has also carried out endorsements for brands such as Hair Are Us, DEE & LAHNI, Industry LOCs Hair, Dollhouse London, Sorella Boutique, and Busted Brand. On the photo-sharing website, Instagram, Yodit Yemane has built a following of over one million followers on her @the_jodiejoe account with her perfect fashion contributions. Her first television appearance was in Nick Cannon’s MTV improvisation series Wild ‘N Out by Nick Cannon. She also played the lead role in the music video for Tege’s song Move To L.A. starring Ty Dolla Sign.


There is no available information about their early life, family background, including the names of their parents and siblings. The model apparently prefers to focus on her career rather than her private life. From what we have found out, the model has not yet started a family of her own because she is not married yet. She grew up in her birthplace but now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Facts About The Model

  • Her Diet Plan

How do you think this beautiful and radiant model preserves its flawless figure and body? Granted, it takes a lot of hard work to keep up with this kind of figure, especially in the industry where it is located, where the body is used to make money.

While the models have different ways and plans, such as diet and a rigorous training regime to maintain their shape, some skip the diet part and just do training. There is also a variant group that keeps in shape through strict diet and exercise plans. Yodit Yemane belongs to the latter group and gets her curvy body through the pescatarian (aka pesco-vegetarian) diet, which is basically high in protein and low in fat. She also takes various physical training programs and drinks lots of water to stay fit.

Pesco is the Italian word for fish. A pescatarian is someone who eats fish and seafood but is otherwise vegetarian. The diet excludes meat and sometimes dairy products. For the sake of clarity, the diet plan defines persons who eat fish and other seafood, which play a key role as the main source of protein in the vegan diet (only vegetable foods).

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  • Height, Weight, Body Measurements

The model and Instagram sensation not only bends a flawless body but also has impressive body statistics. Although her size is satisfactory in several places, as you can see, she is on the high side. Her height is between the 5 foot 5 inches and 5 foot 8-inch corridors, which is not bad for a woman. As for her weight, it is near 57 kg.

Her body measurements are also correct, with a bust that measures 34 inches, a waist size of 24 inches, and hips that fit well at 38 inches. Her charm is enhanced by her full lips, sharp jaw, and high cheekbones. In addition, she has very deep brown eyes with black hair, which she sometimes colors blond.

  • Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Yodit Yemane revealed in 2016 on her social media page that she is in a relationship with another internet personality named Jake. The duo began their relationship in March of the same year. However, it is not known whether they are still together or have gone separate ways, as there are no current updates for either account. Apart from Jake, Yemane has not been associated with any other man.