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Mirtha Jung Biography, Wiki, Relationship with George Jung, Divorce

Mirtha Jung Biography, Wiki, Relationship with George Jung, Divorce
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Mirtha Jung became famous after she married former drug lord George Jung. She and her husband were part of the Medellin cartel, which was responsible for a large percentage of drugs smuggled from Colombia into the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.

Mirtha Jung Bio/Wiki

Mirtha Calderon is of Cuban descent. Not much is known about her early life, but she celebrates her birthday every 3rd December and is now in her 60s. She is not famous, but of course, marriage to a famous drug lord automatically makes her famous.

She was a well-known addict who continued to use drugs during pregnancy and even after her daughter was born. Unknown to many, Mirtha spent 3 years in prison for drug use. During this time she tried and worked to get clean for the sake of her three-year-old daughter. She was released in 1981 and has remained clean ever since, as her daughter revealed.

The film Blow (2001) was made by Ted Damme and was based on her husband’s life. The release of the film made her even more popular. Her life was portrayed in the film by the Spanish actress and model Penélope Cruz, while Johnny Depp portrayed George Jung. Her last documented public contact with the public took place in 2001, around the time the film was released when she gave an interview to a Texas newspaper.

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Mirtha Jung’s Relationship with George Jung, Divorce

A drug addict who is married to a drug smuggler best explains the relationship between Mirtha and George. Given her roots, it was believed that George and Mirtha may have met through one of his Colombian cocaine contacts when she was 24 years old. George Jung was 10 years older.

They married in 1977 and divorced 7 years later after they had a daughter, Kristina, born in 1984, and a daughter, Kristina, born in 1978. Mirtha said in particular that George was the only man she ever loved, which was probably the reason why she never remarried or entered into another relationship after her separation from George. However, George has continued his life and is currently married to Ronda Clay Spinello Jung.

Mirtha Jung’s daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung was born on August 1, 1978, and was only 6 years old when her parents separated and 9 years old when her father went to prison. She grew up without the love and presence of her father and is married to Romain Karan. The couple has two children.

George and his daughter reconciled after his release from prison in 2014 and are now working together on their new family business – Boston George Apparel. Kristina is an excellent entrepreneur who works enthusiastically to promote the business with a brand that says I can’t sell dope anymore, so I sell dope clothes now.

Ex-Husband: George Jung

The former drug lord, George Jacob Jung, born on August 6, 1942, is also known as the Boston George and El Americano. He was born in Boston but grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts. George was a great soccer player, and his friends described him as a natural leader during his childhood. He attended Weymouth High School, graduated in 1961, and went to the University of Southern Mississippi. He studied for a degree in advertising but did not graduate.

For a man whose life seems to have begun so well, many wondered what could have brought him into contact with drugs, so he was incarcerated outside of his prison sentence for 20 years.

It was noted that Jung began using marijuana for recreation and sold a portion of everything he bought to make a profit. He met his childhood friend in 1967 and recognized the enormous profit potential of smuggling the cannabis he had bought in California to New England. With this realization began his downward spiral to become a remarkable drug lord in the USA.

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Jung was sent to the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, in 1974 for smuggling 300 kg of marijuana, where he later met his partner Carlos Lehder Rivas, who introduced him to the drug trade.

He served his longest prison sentence from 1994 to 2014 and was released on June 2 after almost 20 years in prison. George’s sentence was reduced from 60 to 20 years after he testified against his former partner Carlos Lehder Rivas. He was released in September 2017 after being arrested in December 2016 for parole violation and has remained clean since then.