Who Is Ann Belsky? Untold Mystery About Her Death

Who Is Ann Belsky? Untold Mystery About Her Death
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Ann Belsky is a deceased make-up and costume designer, best known as the wife of actor Rick Moranis.

Rick and Belsky were husband and wife for only a few years; their friendship ended with Belsky’s death in the early 1990s. Although together, they were the parents of two children.

Belsky’s husband Rick was one of the brightest faces of 1980s comedy. However, as the 1990s began, Moranis drifted into obscurity and almost became a has-been identity. This happened after the untimely death of Rick’s wife Ann.

Read more about who Moranis’ late partner Ann Belsky was, how long they were together, how she died, Rik’s life after her passing, and more.

The Canadian, Ann Belsky Presumably Was A Jewish

Ann Belsky is just another person who resembles the famous Hollywood figure whose name is a punishment for all off-screen narratives. As far as records go, Ann has only a few or two articles dedicated to her.

The inexpressiveness exists to such an extent that not even the details of her wedding or her relationship with Rick Moranis are public. However, it is believed that she was Jewish and that her ancestry is somehow traced back to Israel.

However, she was born in Canada.

Who Is Ann Belsky? Untold Mystery About Her Death
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Ann Belsky Was A Costume Designer

Like her life before becoming Rick’s wife, the inner story of her tribulations as an adult is in a tiresome fog, so what? Until now, however, Belsky has been described as someone who was once a costume designer.

She was also apparently a painter and make-up artist. However, it is still an open question whether she has worked on any films or whether she has had any television credits.

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Ann Belsky’s Relationship With Her Actor Husband Rick Moranis 

Ghostbusters actor Rick Moranis and Belsky married in 1986, although the former couple’s early affairs have never been revealed. While together, they became parents to two children, Rachel and Michelson.

Ann Belsky And Rick Moranis Children

Both of the Belsky children are now fully grown adults. Tireless news hounds, celebrity children, like their late mother, are suitably cunning, especially about their personal lives.

Both of Belsky’s children were born in Canada. Ann’s daughter, however, later moved to the States, where she received a college education at Brown University.

Ann Belsky Husband And Kids
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She earned a BA in Art History and a BA in Visual Arts. Belsky’s daughter Rachel is also a former student at Harvard Design School. Rachel is now reportedly an entrepreneur, a partner in Rosedale Hospitality Partners, a New York-based private real estate investment firm, and the founder and CEO of Stardust, a software development company.

Ann Belsky daughter Raquel is also a sketch/line artist, according to her Instagram account. But what Belsky’s son, Mitchell, is up to, fully Michael Derek Fredrik Moranis, is a mystery.

The Cause Of Ann Belsky’s Death

As already mentioned, Ann Belsky died in February 1991 after a battle with breast cancer. Although some report that it was due to liver cancer. The costume designer and make-up artist were 35 years old at the time. Rick and Belsky had been married only five years since she died.

After her death, Ann Belsky parents, together with Rick’s parents, helped to fund an art school in Israel named after her. The institution is called the Ann Belsky Moranis School Of Arts and is part of the Modern Orthodox Ohr Torah Stone High School in Israel.

The Arts School not only provides students with the opportunity to create, develop, and express themselves but also offers matriculation opportunities equivalent to the standard of the Israeli academic curriculum.

Following Belsky’s Death, Her Husband Rick Moranis Vanished From Hollywood 

After the death of Ann Belsky, her widow and actor Rik Moranis decided to take a break from acting and Hollywood. The obvious reason, apart from the death of his wife, was that he also wanted to take full care of his children. Later, in 2005, Rick told USA Today,

I pulled out of making movies in about ’96 or ’97.

The ‘Flintstones’ actor explained that, as he had become a single parent, it was simply too difficult for him to cope with his children and also to travel while working on his films.

Who Is Ann Belsky? Untold Mystery About Her Death
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Rick said that because of all this, he decided to take a little break. However, the Toronto-born actor admits that the little break turned into a longer break. Moranis, however, insists that he doesn’t miss acting at all. One of his last works before the break was a direct-to-video sequel to Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.

After that, he only did one voice role a month. One of these was the 2003 Disney animated film, Brother Bear. In between breaks, Belsky’s widow Rick received offers from Hollywood. However, the actor refused to accept any of them.

Ann Belsky’s Husband Returned To Movies

Moranis did return to show business. However, his first job was not in film or television; instead, he starred in a Mint Mobile promotional video with Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.
Who Is Ann Belsky? Untold Mystery About Her Death
Technically, Moranis’ first film job after leaving Hollywood was his voice work in the 2001 animated film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys.

Reynolds even posted an ad on his Twitter to announce it. Belsky’s husband Rick’s first interview since his return was in May 2020 on Disney+’s Prop Culture, a docuseries.

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Is The Sequel Of Honey I Shrunk The Kids Happening; Is Belsky’s Husband Returning?

Moranis will reprise his role as Wayne Szalinski in the “Shrunk” series. It was first revealed in February 2020. The film would officially mark the return of Moranis’ husband, Belsky, to acting after a hiatus of more than 20 years.

The confirmation came a few months before his appearance with Reynolds in a Mint Mobile commercial. As for the film itself, so far there have been only a few or two media reports, especially about how Rick’s character Wayne will continue in the upcoming sequel.

Earlier confirmed reports said that Rick’s on-screen son will be played as an adult by actor Josh Gad from the TV series Wedding Ringer. Gad has occasionally provided updates on the development of the film.

For example, in early 2022, Josh teased fans with an Instagram post featuring the husband of the deceased Belsky. As for the plot of the film, it is reported that it will add a twist to the original storyline. Slightly different from the original film, the sequel, insiders claim, will begin with Gad’s character accidentally dismembering his children.

Ann Belsky Other Facts

Steve Martin, the actor of Father of the Bride, is said to have written a piece of music as a tribute to Ann Belsky.

Quick Facts About Ann Belsky

Full NameAnn Belsky
First NameAnn
Last NameBelsky
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth CountryCanada
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRick Moranis
No Of Children2
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1956
Age66 years
Married Date1986