Home Media personality How Faze Rain Achieved His Net Worth Despite His Family Struggles

How Faze Rain Achieved His Net Worth Despite His Family Struggles

How Faze Rain Achieved His Net Worth Despite His Family Struggles

Faze Rain is a YouTube player and Internet personality known for his amazing gaming skills, which he shows on his YouTube channels. He first attracted media attention in 2014 when he reached a milestone of over one million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. He became one of the trendiest gamers in 2017 when his TrickShotting channel reached over five million subscribers.

The YouTuber star, also known as Nordan Shat, is a valued member of the FaZe clan, an e-sports and entertainment organization that participates in various video game tournaments. Through his involvement in the organization, Rain has had incredible success as the owner of some of the goods sold in the organization’s online store.

Having survived the challenges of early life that nearly drove him to suicide, Rain has dedicated himself to creating vlogs that show more of his humorous nature, bringing smiles to the faces of his fans. Read on to learn more about the professional player’s life, career, and income.

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What was Faze Rain’s Childhood Like?

Faze Rain, formerly known as TrickShotting, was born on May 29, 1996, as Nordan Shat in Toronto, Canada. He is one of his parents’ two children. As he grew, the Vlogger was a chubby child, full of intelligence and vitality. His witty character often got him into trouble; nevertheless, he managed to concentrate on his studies and was an A student.

After being a happy family for the first seven years of his life, things took a negative turn in the following years. The relationship between his parents became stormy as they argued more often. As a result, Faze Rain became depressed and his grades began to drop. He then found comfort in playing video games, which he later got used to.

But the relationship between his parents finally reached its lowest point when his father left the family and never reappeared in their lives. Faze, who was seven years old at the time, was emotionally affected, and he felt alone and abandoned during this time. Although his mother remarried, he still felt the absence of his father. Through his mother’s second marriage Shat now has two half-brothers and sisters.

As if the emotional despair he was exposed to wasn’t enough, the player also suffered from heartache at the same time. He ended his three-year relationship with his girlfriend. Faced with the many challenges in his life, Faze Rain decided to put an end to the difficulties by taking his own life. He took an overdose of Advil, which put him in hospital for a week. After the failed suicide attempt, the YouTuber then moved on to build a career from what he loved to do most – play video games.

How Did Faze Rain Become So Popular on YouTube?

Nordan Shat began going to therapy sessions after his failed attempt to take his own life. He came in contact with a physiotherapist named Mary, who advised him to concentrate more on things that make him happy. He listened to this advice and started watching YouTube videos and also spent a lot of time playing video games.

Although he joined YouTube in December 2010, Faze Rain hadn’t yet started making gameplay videos at that time. He waited several years before launching his gaming career by releasing Halo 3 and Call of Duty gameplay videos on his TrickShotting and OMFGRain channels. Before joining Faze Clan in January 2016, he was a member of many other game groups including Super, Defy, and Rise. By uploading game-related videos, Nordan Shat became known on YouTube as his fan base continued to grow.

His TrickShotting channel now has more than five million subscribers with over one billion views. He also has a channel of the same name where his vlogs about his daily life are shown. The channel has won more than one million followers. On YouTube he is also popular as Vape Lord Nord, an alter ego character he portrays in some of his vlogs. Although Faze had a rocky start, he has managed to register his name as one of the most popular professional players on YouTube.

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How Rich is Faze Rain?

Faze Rain has built an impressive career through his creative work on YouTube. He reportedly earns a monthly income of between $491,000 and $790,000 through his TrickShotting channel. In contrast, the Nordan Shat channel is said to earn an annual income of between $1,000 and $16,000.

He also receives income from the sale of FaZe items such as backpacks, sunglasses, and T-shirts in the FaZe clan’s online stores. Besides, some of his videos have been sponsored by brands like FanDuel, CSGO, and GFuel. Through his successful efforts, the famous Internet personality is said to be worth over $2.5 million. His car collection includes luxury cars like Telsa Model X and Audi R8 V10 Plus.

What You Should Know About His Suicidal Tweets

Faze Rain struggled with suicidal thoughts in December 2018. As a result, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital where he underwent treatment. In October 2019, he then drove his fans crazy with a series of suicide tweets that he published. From his tweets, it was clear that the YouTuber wanted to end his life because he was betrayed by his friends, who had used him for their interests.

He also stated that he had not benefited financially from the FaZe brands, causing him to incur debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars. From the tweets, it was clear that his friends did not show him much support when he was treated in the psychiatric hospital, which broke his heart. However, Faze Rain claimed that his Twitter account was hacked during this time.