Home Actor When Did Mico Palanca Depression Begin? Why Did He Commit Suicide?

When Did Mico Palanca Depression Begin? Why Did He Commit Suicide?

When Did Mico Palanca Depression Begin? Why Did He Commit Suicide?

We don’t know for sure why Mico Palanca was feeling very sad but in 2019 some news sources said it might have been because of problems with his romantic relationships or because of something embarrassing that happened on a video.

Mico Revilla Palanca was an actor from the Philippines who was in movies and TV shows for almost 20 years. Sadly he died in 2019 by jumping off a building.

Mico Palanca died on December 9 2019 in San Juan City Philippines. He took his own life by jumping off a building. Some people thought that he was very sad because of problems with his romantic relationships and that’s why he did what he did.

Mico was born on February 3 1978 in Pasay Philippines. His family was part Chinese and part Filipino. We learned this from people who know about him.

In 2019 a very good actor died suddenly. This made a lot of people in the entertainment world sad but eventually, everyone kept going with their lives.

Mico Palanca had a lot of people who liked him and were interested in his life. They really want to know why he was feeling so sad and if his romantic relationships had something to do

Let me tell you some things about Palanca’s death and what might have caused it. The Palanca family never shared all the details but we can talk about some possible reasons.

Mico Palanca Depression: When Did The Depression Begin?

We don’t know exactly how Mico Palanca’s depression started because no one has shared that information with the public.

Even though we can’t be sure some people think that Mico Palanca’s depression and suicide might have been because of problems in his romantic relationships.

It’s important to remember that Palanca’s family hasn’t said whether the rumors about his love life and depression are true or not so we can’t be completely sure.

Mico was becoming a popular actor in the Filipino entertainment industry and his fans and followers thought he was an important part of it. They were sad when he died.

Mico Palancas Elder Bother Bernard Palanca
Mico Palanca‚Äôs Elder Bother, Bernard Palanca. (Source: PEP)

Mico Palanca’s family didn’t share any information about what they learned from the post-mortem examination or the reports about his depression and how he died.

According to reports Mico Palanca had depression and wrote a note before he killed himself.

Mico Palanca’s depression and death were very sad but they reminded us how important it is to take care of our mental health and ask for help when we need it.

Remember that depression is a real and serious illness that can happen to anyone and it’s okay to ask for help and treatment when you have mental health problems.

Why Did Mico Palanca Commit Suicide? Causes Explored

The reports said that Palanca had been in a few romantic relationships.

Before Mico was depressed or died people said that he and another actor named Bea Alonzo might have been in a romantic relationship.

According to some reports, people thought that Mico and Bea Alonzo had a nice romantic relationship and lots of people online talked about it.

Mico Palanca and Bea Alonzo stopped dating in 2008 but no one knows why. People stopped talking about it for a while but when Mico died they started talking about it again.

Palanca’s fans started guessing about what might have happened to him and they found out that he had depression and killed himself. Then they started talking about Bea Alonzo again and she got involved in the conversation.

Some sources think that Palanca’s personal life might have had something to do with why he died.

Lots of people have been talking and guessing about what might have happened to Mico and why he died.

As time has gone by some people think that Palanca killed himself because of different personal problems while other people think that his love life might have been the reason.

Bea Alonzo Prayer For Mourning The Death Of Ex boyfriend mico Palanca
Bea Alonzo Prayer For Mourning The Death Of Ex-boyfriend, mico Palanca. (Source: Facebook)

The Filipino actor was involved in an adult video scandal and some people on the internet think that this might have been why he became depressed and died.

The exact details about the actor’s death were not shared to protect Mico’s privacy and keep him in peace.

Sources say that Palanca’s last ceremony was held on December 30 2019 at the Faith of Arlington Memorial Chapels in Quezon City with his friends and family.