Shoota Shellz Face Autopsy: Who Killed The Rapper? Shot To Death

We can’t see Shoota Shellz’s face in the picture because someone shot him in the head while he was leaving in his car.

Shootashellz was a rapper who lived in Terrortown, Chicago. He was part of a gang called the Renegade Black P. Stone gang Blackmobb. Sadly, someone killed him on July 10, 2017.

After he made a really popular song called “Death of 150” that insulted the NLMB Renegade Stone group, people started to notice him a lot in the Chicago drill music scene.

When he was making drill music, he showed off his skills by creating songs like “My Story”, “Price Of The Streets”, “Mobsters”, and the “Fuck 150 Anthem”.

The musician’s death was really sad for the drill music community. But we can always remember him through his songs.

ShootaShellz Face Autopsy: Who Killed The Rapper? 

Someone shot and killed ShootaShellz on the morning of July 10th. People say he was driving his car when it happened.

Lots of people were really scared when they saw what happened to Shoota Shellz. That’s why there aren’t any movies or videos about it. From the pictures, it looks like he got shot more than 15 times.

Shootashellz Shot Dead
Shoota Shellz Death Crime scene (Source: Chicagotribune)

Officials suspected that Dowdell and two teenagers were stealing cars with guns and being violent. They tried to steal cars in New Britain before someone got shot and died.

Shootashellz got shot while he was in his Auburn Newman neighborhood. Three people in a white Nissan Altima car shot him many times.

Shootashellz got really hurt all over his body and in his brain. Officials found him badly hurt on the street.

When they checked, they found 43 bullet cases next to Shootashellz’s body. They found his body on South Paulina Street, in the 8100 block.

When Doles got killed, not many people outside of some rap music blogs heard about it. He was one of 13 people who got shot in Chicago on that day in July 2017. One of them passed away.

People say that what happened to him is like what usually happens in Chicago when gangs fight – it’s really bad. Most of the time, it happens because people from different parts of the same gang argue on social media and then try to get revenge.

The FBI and Chicago Police started working together to investigate the fighting between Black Mobb and No Limit two months before Doles was killed. New papers about this just came out in federal court.

Was Shootashellz Shot To Death? Details Explored

Early on July 10th, someone shot and killed Shootashellz. People say he was driving away from somewhere in his car when it happened.

Shootashellz was in the Auburn Freshmen neighborhood when something terrible happened to him. Three guys in a white Nissan Altima shot him many times.

Shootashellz Shot To Death Video Leaked
Shootashellz Shot To Death Video Leaked (Source: Chicago Tribune)

According to what people say, Shootashellz got really hurt in many parts of his body, including his head, torso, right thigh, calf, foot, buttocks, and arm. He also got cuts on his right wrist and left forearm.

When the police got there, they found him badly hurt and leaning over in the street.

When the police looked at Shootashellz’s body, they found more than 43 shell casings on the ground next to him. They found him on South Paulina Street in the 8100 blocks.

Before he was killed, you could watch Doles in a music video called “Death of 150” on the internet. It was available for a few months.

The FBI says that in the song, Doles and others made many dangerous threats towards No Limit, a gang that has had three members killed.