5 Lesser Known Facts About The Danish Actress – Connie Nielsen
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A fine Danish actress, Connie Nielsen is well known and celebrated for her award-winning role in Gladiator and for the role of Hippolyta, Queen of the mighty tribe of women in Wonder Woman. The stunning actress has lit up large screens and millions of hearts with her eclectic performances. She has worked as a singer, dancer, model, and actress in a professional career spanning nearly three decades. Let us have a little chat with her…

Who Is Connie Nielsen?

It is no secret that the Danish actress was named Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen after her birth on July 3, 1965. She was born in a town called Frederikshavn in Denmark and the daughter of a father who worked as a bus driver. Connie’s mother worked as an insurance clerk, while she also acted in theater and wrote music reviews. Her parents were Mormons and she was brought up that way.

Connie started her career very early. When she was 15 years old, she performed in several local shows and confirmed her intention to pursue a career in the industry. At 18 she decided to pursue her dreams more intensively and moved to Paris to work as a model and actress. As time went by, more work came her way and she began studying at an acting school in Italy, where she earned a place in masterclasses with a highly respected teacher. She stayed in Italy for years before moving to the United States sometime in the 1990s.

Connie Nielsen
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Shortly after moving to the USA, Connie received her first major role. It was for the movie The Devil’s Advocate, in which she played the leading role opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. This led to roles in movies like Soldier, Rushmore, and Permanent Midnight for the actress.

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The big breakthrough that marked her success as a serious actress came when she played the leading role in Gladiator as Lucilla. She received several award nominations for this film and it led to further appearances on screens, such as in Mission to Mars, The Hunted, and Basic. She has also appeared in several foreign language films like Demonlover and Brødre.

Some people may recognize Connie Nielsen by her short role in TV series like Law & Order, The Good Wife, and The Following. Later she became part of the DC Universe as the leader of the great Amazon women and played Hippolyta in Wonder Woman.

Connie Nielsen Net Worth

The fabulous actress has made a name for herself both on and off-screen, and has acquired considerable wealth in the process. Her net worth is estimated at about $8 million.

Boyfriend or Husband, Is She Married or Dating?

The gorgeous actress has never been married in her life, although she has had some meaningful and long relationships. While living and working in Italy, she dated Fabio Sartor, the famous actor who played the leading role in the Passion of Christ. The couple had a child together, a son they called Sebastian. Shortly after they separated, Connie began to date the American musician Huey Morga, but that too ended.

Connie Nielsen and Lars Ulrich
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In 2004 she started dating Lars Ulrich, the drummer of the band Metallica. The relationship lasted 8 years and resulted in the birth of Connie Nielsen’s second child, another son named Thaddeus Ulrich Nielsen. Since this separation in 2014, Connie Nielsen has remained single and has avoided entering into new relationships.

5 Lesser Known Facts About The Danish Actress?

1. Connie Nielsen has an advantage over most people, she can speak 8 different languages. Many have not properly mastered the one language they can speak, and here is a woman who can talk freely in 8. She is fluent in English, Danish, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Norwegian. She has learned all these languages while traveling and abroad.

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2. She once won an award as best actress at the Danish Oscar, for her role in Brødre. This performance also earned her two other awards, including recognition at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

3. Connie played alongside Uma Thurman and Charlotte Ginsburg in Nymphomaniac, which both film critics and audiences found shocking and disturbing. Connie’s sweaty poster for the film did nothing to enhance her reputation, and it could be her lowest-rated film appearance to date.

4. She doesn’t mind going the extra mile to nail down a film reel, even though she has to shave off most of her hair to really live up to a character like she had to do in Mission to Mars.

5. The actress is obsessed with sunglasses They are her favorite accessories, and she owns over 200 different pairs.