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Sir Patrick Stewart Wife, Son, Daughter, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Sir Patrick Stewart Wife, Son, Daughter, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Whether as a stage actor or as an actor on the screen and dubbing actor, Sir Patrick Stewart has indeed set a milestone in the history of show business. He was loved by many thousands of fans, and his works are exactly what we can’t get enough of. The veteran actor is best known for his roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the television show and films of Star Trek: The Next Generation and as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men film series.

Whether it’s his age, his wife, his son, his daughter, or his gay status, we have it all covered here.

Sir Patrick Stewart Bio, Age

Patrick Stewart was born on 13 July 1940 in Mirfield, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. His parents were Gladys (née Barrowclough), a weaver and textile worker, and Alfred Stewart, a regimental sergeant major in the British Army. He was the third son in a family of five. His two brothers are Geoffrey, who was born on 28 January 1925, and Trevor, who arrived on 10 August 1935. Patrick’s childhood was marked by domestic violence, with his father in the front line, an experience that would form the basis of his political and ideological convictions.

He thought that women would no longer be interested in him after he became bald at the age of 18 as a result of alopecia areata. With this experience, he became shy and began to express himself and seek comfort. However, years later he had many women seeking his attention and married three times.

His acting career was divided between the Library Theatre in Manchester, where he was only there for a short time, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Broadway Theatre, television series, and films. He is a Star Trek legend and has created many works both on stage, on television, and in films. His many works include Life enforce, Gunmen, Christmas Eve, X-Men film series, Fall of the Eagles, Blunt Talks, Macbeth, Eleventh Hour, Family Guy.

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He has been widely recognized for his extraordinary achievements and contributions and has received many awards. He won a Grammy Award in 1996 and has been nominated several times for the Olivier, Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Saturn Awards. TV Guide named him Best Dramatic Actor of the 1980s in 1993. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was put on his cap in December 1996.

Sir Patrick Stewart was awarded a Knight’s Bachelor’s degree by Queen Elizabeth II on 2 July 2010 for his services to the dramatic arts, in addition to his previous appointment as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2001.

Is Sir Patrick Stewart Gay?

There has been much speculation about his status as a homosexual after he kissed his longtime friend, Lord of the Ring actor Sir Ian McKellen, when they walked down the red carpet in London on June 10, 2015, for the premiere of Ian’s new Sherlock Holmes mystery Mr. Holmes. While Ian came out as gay during a BBC radio show in 1988, Patrick is clearly not gay, although he could only have kissed and snogged his boyfriend to show support.

He considers it appropriate only because they are intimate friends, and he sees nothing wrong with two men kissing.

Ian confirms that Patrick is heterosexual and has absolutely no problem having gay friends. Patrick reaffirmed this fact when he supported the right of Christian bakers to refuse to make cakes they find offensive. Since he was mistakenly considered gay, the actor laughed at the report and added that he was flattered by the acceptance.

Wife, Son, and Daughter

His private life is just as interesting, if not more interesting, than his professional life. This exceptional actor has been married three times. He married his first wife, Sheila Falconer, the mother of his two children, in 1966 and the relationship ended in 1990 after 24 years of divorce.

His second marriage attempt was to the producer Wendy Neuss. However, Sir Patrick did not give up the institution of marriage after two attempts but rather agreed to it a third time. His choice came as a surprise to many, as his current wife is 38 years younger than him and could even be mistaken for his daughter.

But that was the opinion of others, and the lovebirds didn’t care. She is Sunny Ozell, an American singer and songwriter, born on December 23, 1978. Sir Patrick Stewart met Sunny in NYC in 2008 when she was a waitress at Franny’s. At that time he was in New York for a production of Macbeth at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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Sir Ian McKellen performed the wedding ceremony of the two in 2013. However, the decision to let his friend perform the wedding ceremony was Sonny’s idea.

His two children are Daniel, who was born in 1967, and Sophia. Daniel took after his father and he appears on television. He appeared alongside his legendary father as his son in 1992 in the episode Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Inner Light where and in 1993 in the television movie Death Train.

Sir Patrick Stewart Net Worth

With over 60 decades of talent, skill, hard work, and diligence in his profession, Sir Patrick Stewart has made a fortune in the millions. According to various reports, the trekker has a net worth between 60 and 70 million dollars.


He has an athletic build and stands at a height of 5’10” (1.78 m).