Who is Lil Skies – American Rapper, What is His Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity?
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Many young rappers have emerged in recent years to take the music industry by storm, and Lil Skies happens to be one of this group. The young rapper, who has been a music lover since childhood, began to gain a foothold on SoundCloud with his mixtapes and eventually caught the attention of Atlantic Records executives. Today he has a couple of Billboard 100 hits and a mixtape, Life of a Dark Rose, which climbed to number 10 on the Billboard 200 charts. Here we will talk about Lil Skies’ rise to hip-hop fame and how much music has brought him so far.

Who is Lil Skies – American Rapper, Ethnicity

Lil Skies was born Kimetrius Foose on August 4, 1998, in Chambersburg, South Central Pennsylvania. Foose has that look that often makes his fans think about his pedigree. The rapper has not officially talked about his ethnic background, but there is speculation that he may be the product of a mixed-race marriage, most likely between an African-American and a Caucasian/European. He has a younger brother, Kamrin Houser, a rapper known by the stage name Heartbreak Kid.

His father, Michael Burton, Jr. had tried his hand at music but didn’t quite make it into the mainstream. He rapped under the nickname Dark Skies. Michael introduced his son Kimetrius to rap music when he was a kid, and by the age of 4 Foose had started writing his own rhymes. His father was so impressed that he got him a studio session where he tried his first record at the age of 4.

Who is Lil Skies – American Rapper, What is His Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity?
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When he was a third-grader, Foose moved with his family to Waynesboro, another area in Pennsylvania. His parents later divorced, but Foose remained in close contact with both. In 2009, a tragedy struck Foose’s family when his father was involved in a terrible accident involving a chemical explosion at his workplace at the Rust-Oleum plant near Williamsport, Maryland. He had injuries that resulted in weeks of hospital treatment.

During this time, young Foose developed a strong bond with his father, and the two began writing songs together. They put the songs together to form the album Father-Son Talk. His father’s near-death experience should inspire Foose to take his music career more seriously. He adopted the nickname Lil Skies, a song about his father’s nickname.

Lil Skies graduated from Waynesboro Area Senior High School in 2016. Before graduating, Foose had become deeply immersed in his music, which he released on file-sharing platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube. Despite his love of music, Lil Skies was a straight-A student.

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After high school, he enrolled at Shippensburg University, where he continued to pursue his musical dreams. In a short time, Lil Skies became popular in his school, where he performed at campus events. His first music video for his title Lonely was released in August 2015, followed by Da Sauce in 2016. His mixtape “Good Grades, Bad Habits 2”, which talked about his struggles with school and about being a good academic student, was supposed to be his first official mixtape but was not released publicly.

Lil Skies’ fame skyrocketed when he opened for the rapper Fetty Wap during his 2016 concert at school. Skies got out and started chasing the music all day long.

Who is Lil Skies – American Rapper, What is His Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity?
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To avoid falling back into the trap of looking for a steady job, Lil Skies, like most young rappers today, had his face tattooed. In early 2017 Lil Skies independently released his first mixtape, Alone. He then released a number of singles, including “Red Roses” with Landon Cube, “Off The Goop” with Sprite Lee “Rude” and “Signs of Jealousy”. His music video for “Red Roses”, directed by Cole Bennet, was very well received and is considered his breakthrough.

Before the end of 2017, Lil SKies fell under the radar of Atlantic Records, who offered him a record deal. In January 2018 he released his first mixtape on a major label, Life of a Dark Rose. The album was an instant hit and included the two hit singles “Nowadays” and “Red Roses” (both with Landon Cube).

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What is His Net Worth?

Lil Skies has already achieved millionaire status thanks to his music career. He toured with rapper Lil Uzi Vert in 2017 and began his first solo tour in 2018, the “Life of a Dark Rose” tour, which unfortunately was short-lived due to his illness. The immediate success of his music earned him a net worth of $3 million.


The young rapper stands at a height of about 5 feet 10 inches tall which is about 1.78 m. He is estimated to weigh about 70 kg or 154 lbs.