Severo Sinvergüenza Video Viral Twitter: Controversy And Scandal

Severo Sinvergüenza Video Viral Twitter: Controversy And Scandal: The footage of Severo Sinvergüenza went viral on Twitter, and it has since spread to other social media platforms.

In Cali, Severo Sinvergüenza offers waffles and desserts shaped like male genitals. Furthermore, the employees at this location have a unique approach to customer service.

People began creating trending videos because of the shape of waffles. Viewers’ responses to the videos have been mixed.

The establishment’s owner has received a lot of attention on social media, and many people have noticed the ladies in the advertisements.

Severo Sinvergüenza Video Viral Twitter

Severo Sinvergüenza, a store in Cali, Colombia, that specializes in phallic-shaped waffles and desserts, has lately become a viral sensation on social media and in the news.

The restaurant has gone viral due to the unique way its workers serve their customers, which includes simulating erotic situations with desserts.

Reactions to the controversy

The viral trend started with a video of a team member spreading what appeared to be condensed milk on a woman’s chest and then removing it with his mouth.

Several videos of a similar nature have since been shared on Twitter, adding to the buzz surrounding the institution.

The focus on the shop has also drawn the notice of one of its employees, Ray Cabrera, a 27-year-old Venezuelan.

Ray has frequently appeared in commercials for the bakery shop and has established himself as a notable character.

The audience has been sharing his videos with their peers, which has been a long-standing trend.

Despite the controversy, many people enjoyed it, while the video got negative feedback.

A long line of women and men has been spotted waiting for the establishment’s desserts. People are willing to wait in line to sample the shop’s unique offerings, indicating its growing popularity.

Severo Sinvergüenza Controversy And Scandal

Despite the controversy and criticism surrounding the establishment, it appears that negative attention has had no effect on their customer base, especially among female customers.

At least 300 women were in line at the shop, according to a Caracol Radio journalist, and some voiced enjoyment of the experience without feeling disrespected.

Severo Sinvergüenza Video Viral Twitter: Controversy And Scandal

In reaction to the viral videos circulating on social media, the shop stated in Spanish on its Facebook page.

They claimed to have trained their employees to be courteous and to acquire customer consent. They also made it clear that any action that crosses the line between fun and sensuality is absolutely forbidden.

They accept no responsibility as a brand for such acts within the customer’s premises. The statement concluded by promising that appropriate steps would be made to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

They stated that they would not allow any other videos to circulate like this one and that they would be more cautious about their goods in the future.

Many people enjoy the desserts served at the store, which has sparked an increased interest in trying them out, especially among women.

This enthusiasm has resulted in long lines of customers awaiting the establishment’s unique offerings.