Who Is Morena Rosini Figlia Denise Faro? Wikipedia Eta And Marito

Who exactly is Morena Rosini Figlia? Fans are also curious about the singer’s spouse. What is her age?

Morena Rosini is an accomplished and well-known vocalist in the music business. She has recently been engaged in the show The Voice Senior 2023.

People are interested in learning more about her life since she was a competitor in the program.

The singer has chosen to return to The Voice Senior with her vocals. She was well-known for her work with the band Milk And Coffee.

Who Is Morena Rosini Figlia Denise Faro?

Rosini has a daughter, Denise Faro, who is also a singer. Daniel Faro, her spouse (Marito), had her.

Denise is an Italian Actor and vocalist born to Morena in Rome, Italy. She has appeared in a number of films and television shows.

Faro made her television debut in 2004 with a part in the TV series “A doctor in the family,” and made his film debut in 2007 with the feature “Come tu mi voglio.”

Her first film starred renowned actors Nicolas Vaporidis and Cristiana Capotondi.

He became a Latin American musical star in 2012 after winning the 53rd iteration of the Vina del Mar International Song Festival.

Morena is a devoted mother who has frequently appeared by her child’s side to support her; many people adore the mother-and-daughter pair.

Morena Rosini daughter Denise Faro is an Italian singer and Actress.
Morena Rosini’s daughter Denise Faro is an Italian singer and Actress. (Image Source: IISussidiario.net)

The singer has worked with many well-known people, including DJ Luis Rodriguez on a tune named “Breaking Free” in English.

nothing beats a good story.

In the same year, 2019, she released a new song named “Intrappolata” in Italian and “Atrapada” in Spanish, both in double versions.

Morena Rosini Wikipedia And Eta (Age)

According to the source, Morena Rosini is presently 65 years old. She has not made her precise birth date known.

Rosini was a part of the Milk and Coffee band. Milk and Coffee were founded in 1977 by Giancarlo Nisi, Morena Rosini, Corrina Testa, and Yvonne Harlow, who was subsequently succeeded by Florence Cavaliere.

Morena Rosini performing in the show The Voice Senior
Morena Rosini performing in the show The Voice Senior 3. (Image Source: NonSolo.TV)

Because her formal Wikipedia page has yet to be established, the public has little information about her professional job.

Before starring in The Voie Senior 3, she worked as a radio host, according to some accounts.

Many people have backed her and learned more about her since she appeared on the program.

Morena Rosini Marito (Husband) Daniel Faro

Rosini and Faro married a long time ago and have a daughter. After Faro entered the Milk and Coffee group, the pair first met.

Daniel Faro replaced Giancarlo Nisi in the ensemble in 1986. They formed an instant connection after he joined the gang.

Milk and coffee success in the 80s and the scandal of Daniel Faro.
Milk and coffee, success in the 80s, and the scandal of Daniel Faro. (Image Source: IISussidiario.net)

They appear to be a content pair. Rosini revealed that she married Faro when she was 20 years old without telling her parents.

People adored the couple, as well as their daughter, an Italian singer, and actress renowned for her singing and acting.