Piinksparkles Profile And Everything You Must Know About The YouTube Star
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Piinksparkles is one of the most famous and popular fashion and make-up channels on YouTube, run by sensational beauty blogger Samantha. The channel went online in September 2009 and has so far attracted over one million subscribers and recorded over two hundred million views of its videos.

On Piinksparkles, Sam, as she is affectionately known to fans, uploads videos ranging from tutorials to shopping tours and more. The beauty logger is not only popular on Youtube, but has also made a name for herself on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter alone, she has over 78k followers, while on Instagram she has over 175k followers. The sensational Youtuber can also be found on Facebook, where she has an amazing fan base.

Here you can find out how it all began and what else you need to know about the Youtube star.

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Piinksparkles Brief Bio

The fashion/beauty guru/youtube star was born on May 17, 1990, in Canada as Samantha Tomlensen. She has two siblings – an older sister named Chelsey and a younger brother named Derrek.

Although not much is known about her parents, Sam has mentioned them in her videos. Her mother Stacy is an equally beautiful woman and one who causes admiration with her looks. She addresses her mother as her best friend, someone she confides in, and from whom she never keeps secrets. Her father has achieved a lot and also enjoys her respect.

When she grew up, she was very protective of her younger brother Derrek. As a child she enjoyed pudding and as a teenager, she watched a lot of television. In high school, she was one of the smartest kids in her class, and her best subject at that time was math.

Sam lived with her family in Canada before moving in with her friend Dahltyn – with whom she plans to start a family in the near future.

About Piinksparkles…

In September 2009, YouTuber decided to take its fate into its own hands and carve a niche for itself as YouTuber when it launched its own YouTube channel – Piinksparkles. However, she uploaded her first video about eight months later (May 2010).

Her first video, entitled 3 quick and easy hairstyles for school, received about 150,000 Likes and soon gained about 5,000 subscribers. She kept the channel alive and got her fans to visit by uploading interesting and fascinating videos ranging from beauty and make-up tutorials to shopping trips. Sam is also a fashion guru who often makes videos from various websites showing her latest product reviews. Apart from Piinksparkles, she also owns two other YouTube channels – PinkBarbieDolly and sockzVSbarbie. On PinkBarbieDolly she uploads vegan recipes and some other routine vlogs. SockzVSBarbie’ is a collaborative game and challenge channel that she runs together with her brother Derrek.

Every Other Thing You Must Know About The YouTube Star

Samantha is young, loving, and full of life, and this is evident in almost all her videos, where she appears cheerful, lively, and with a very positive attitude towards life. She is also fearless and determined.

The YouTube sensation is so optimistic that she said she made several mistakes in life, learned from her past, and that this would not change anything.

She believes that her beauty comes from her soul and not from the outside and that there is nothing so extraordinary about her, because every woman is gorgeous, beautiful, and unique in her own way, and her mission is to make every woman aware of this and feel free and confident by celebrating her beauty and uniqueness.

In her younger years, she played volleyball, basketball, and even badminton. Nowadays she is so busy that she has no time for that anymore.

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Sam thinks Four Christmases is hilarious, and that happens to be her favorite festival film. In 2016 she exchanged a Christmas present with Sabrina Koun, her best TV show is Breaking Bad. Her hobby is traveling, and she hopes to travel around the world with her family one day.

From the name of her channel, you can see that the vlogger is in love with the color pink. She also likes the color blue.

She is creative and loves to try different colors on her hair, and she doesn’t mind trying out some tattoos and piercings.