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Terra Jole Wiki, Bio, Kids, Height, Parents, on Dancing with the Stars

Terra Jole Wiki, Bio, Kids, Height, Parents, on Dancing with the Stars
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Terra Jole is an American reality TV star who first entered the entertainment scene in 2001 and appeared in the MTV documentary series “True Life” about little people in 2002. Today, the two-meter tall star is best known as the actress of Little Women: LA and its spin-offs, all of which she oversees as executive producer. Her other reality show, Terra’s Little Family, which is broadcast on Lifetime, focuses on her family.

Terra Jole Wiki/Bio, Parents

Terra Jolé Odmark was born on 25 May 1980 in Comal County, Texas. Her parents are Richard Odmark and Isabel Odmark. Their father Richard lost his life to alcoholism.

During her high school years, Jole sang in the choir and wanted to become a Hollywood star from an early age. She pursued her dreams as soon as she could, but it was not without fights and challenges, which were intensified by her dwarfism.

Even before she came to Hollywood, Jole experienced many heartaches and disappointments because of her size as she grew up. Once she was refused a place in a choir show at high school because she was too small.

In 2001 Jole decided to move to LA to pursue a career as a singer. Luckily, she came across a position that said that the MTV documentary True Life Dwarfs wanted to work in unusual jobs or already in the entertainment industry.

Jole called the producers and told them about her dream of becoming a singer and they were immediately so impressed that they were ready to send a team to San Antonio to film her trip to Los Angeles.

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Jole left for LA with only $200 in savings, while True Life’s crew followed her in LA when she had to find her way around in a new environment. Looking for a job in Hollywood, Jole worked in a series of odd jobs to support herself. Among other things, she worked as a health insurer. She commuted between LA and her hometown San Antonio after getting a job as a dog groomer.

Jole revealed that during this time she earned most of her money by reselling second-hand shop goods with a focus on Louis Vuitton’s signature pieces. She sold the pieces online on eBay and once earned $1,200 by selling a two-piece set of Louis Vuitton luggage. That was her highest sale.

In Hollywood, Terra Jole worked as a touring artist for Radio City in three locations, including Denver, New York, and Detroit. Her most lucrative job in Hollywood was working as a “mini” artist in Las Vegas.

Jole first performed as Mini Paulina (Stanley) in a band called Mini Kiss, with whom she toured for two years. However, she became more attractive after performing as Mini-Britney Spears. She earned up to 8,000 dollars outside the USA.

Jole then created other Mini’s, including Mini Madonna, Mini Katey Perry, and Mini Lady Gaga. In the run-up to December 2009, Jole began to attract the attention of celebrities such as rapper T-Pain and Britney Spears, who both wanted her to tour with them. However, Jole missed the Britney tour because she had already worked with T-Pain before Mrs. Spears knocked.

Previously Jole had made her film debut in the 2008 movie Midgets vs. Mascots. Next, Jole had the idea for a reality TV show focusing on little women, which she originally called Little Ladies Los Angeles. She chose the cast of the show from little women she had met on her trip through LA.

She registered the prospective name of the show Little Ladies: LA with the Writers Guild of America. As Jole and her ladies prepared to film the first episode, many broadcasters showed interest in taking over the show. Lifetime won the bid and premiered on May 27, 2014, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The series was later renamed Little Women, and today it has grown into a franchise that has spawned divisions in Dallas, New York, and Atlanta.

In 2014 Jole had her second movie appearance in The Hungover Games. Terra used her fame to release her debut single “Booty Bee”, followed by “Ima Let You Know”. She released her debut album “Penny’s Playlist” in 2016, which is dedicated to her daughter and contains only children’s songs.

In late 2017, Jole published her first book, a memoir entitled Fierce at Four Foot Two.

While her journey to fame seems to have gone smoothly, Jole had to deal with some personal problems. In her above-mentioned book, Jole revealed that she was once arrested for drunk driving and had to spend a night in jail. She was fined $10,000 and had to do 30 hours of community service. She was also ordered to attend mandatory AA sessions and sobriety classes.

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Dancing with the Stars

Terra Jole participated in the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars and danced with Sasha Farber. Their journey ended in the 10th week when they finished 5th.


Jole is married and has two children. She met her husband Joe Gnoffo at a party in 2000. They went through hard times together, including a broken engagement and infidelity. They rekindled their love and Joe proposed again in 2015, about a month before the birth of their first daughter.

Their daughter, Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo, was born in March 2015, and on 1 August 2016, the couple welcomed a son named Grayson Vincent D’Artagnan Gnoffo.

Terra Jole Height: 4′ 2″ (1.27 m)