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Matthew Noszka (30) has had a difficult time. Romance fans are currently being drawn to the cinemas: The hottie can be seen on the screens as MMA champion Jax Deneris in “Perfect Addiction”. For his role in the romantic drama, Matthew had to be in top form in martial arts. But while training wasn’t a problem for his co-stars Kiana Madeira, 30, and Ross Butler, 32, the actor struggled. In the Celebily interview, Matthew revealed what was bothering him.

Ross Butler und Matthew Noszka
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Compared to Celebily, the 30-year-old made it clear that he was physically in top form, but that he was confronted with two strokes of fate: Before he was accepted for ” Perfect Addiction “, he had to deal with the death of his father Daniel and at the same time from a difficult one recover car accident. But giving up was out of the question for Matthew: “The minute I found out I had the role, I started training right away. I wanted to be physically and mentally strong.”

Matthew Noszka
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Before filming began, Matthew received additional support from a Ju-Jutsu teacher, as he also revealed in the Celebily interview: “The training was tough – I trained twice a day It was tough, but it worked definitely worth it.” But even during the shooting, things didn’t always go well for Matthew: he injured himself a few times. “That was the hardest thing for me: I took medication before the shoot. Paramedics were there for me,” the model recalled.