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Meet Josh Dallas’ Son Oliver Finlay Dallas: Wiki, Age, Parents, & Untold Facts

Meet Josh Dallas’ Son Oliver Finlay Dallas: Wiki, Age, Parents, & Untold Facts
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Oliver Finlay Dallas is a celebrity child, the son of Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin, a couple from ABC’s fantasy adventure series Once Upon a Time.

Both Oliver’s parents starred in Once Upon a Time, Ginnifer as Snow White and Josh as Prince Charming. Goodwin and Dallas welcomed Oliver in the early 2010s, though the couple has not revealed much about him.

However, Oliver is one of those children who often find themselves in the public eye, understandably thanks to his famous parents. Take a look back at the milestones when Goodwin and Dallas were preparing to become Oliver’s father; how their lives changed after Oliver was born; how the couple are raising him and more.

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Josh Dallas Delivered His Son Oliver Finlay Dallas With His Bare Hands 

Despite the presence of a doctor, Oliver was delivered by his actor father, Josh Dallas. His mother, an actress, describes the moment as very practical.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in February 2016, the Zootopia actress said that although a doctor was in the room during Oliver’s birth, Josh was still asked if he would like to deliver his child, to which the actor immediately agreed.

Goodwin also said that her actor spouse did it all without gloves. Josh and the Big Love actress gave birth to Oliver at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in May 2014.

The doctor who oversaw Ginnifer’s first child, Dr. Paul Crain, was also the one who helped both of the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney, during their pregnancies.

Oliver Finlay Dallas Ancestry

Oliver, now eight years old, has English, Welsh, Ashkenazi Jewish, and some German ancestry on his mother’s side. On his father’s side, his ethnic origins are English, German, Scottish, distant Swiss German, French and Irish.

Ginnifer Goodwin And Josh Dallas Struggled To Name Their Son, Oliver

Goodwin and Josh kept the name of their first child a secret for a long time. Part of the reason, which the couple later revealed, was that they had difficulty choosing a name for their firstborn.

In an interview, Goodwin said that naming the baby Dallas was a bit more difficult for her and her partner.

She also revealed that Josh and did a lot of research into Oliver’s name. The couple had read a lot of books, including on how to raise a child.

However, Josh and Ginifer eventually settled on the name Oliver. Like the royalty they played in Once Upon a Time, Josh and Goodwin ended up royally naming their son Oliver.

Although Oliver might not fit the definition, his middle name Finley resembles royalty. It is reportedly an Irish children’s name meaning honest hero, and honest means fair-haired, according to the Gaelic translation.

Is Oliver On Once Upon A Time? 

Although eight-year-old Oliver never appeared in his parents’ former TV series Once Upon a Time when Goodwin was pregnant with him, the actress’ real pregnancy was included in the storyline.

In reality, Ginnifer giving birth to Oliver in the ABC fantasy series depicts the pregnancy of the actress Snow White’s character with Prince Neil.

Just before Oliver’s birth, Once Upon a Time included the birth of Ginnifer Snow White and Josh Prince Charming’s second child in the episode “Kansas” in season three. The producers only managed to pull her pregnancy storyline into the second half of the season.

Oliver Finlay Dallas’ Parents, Ginnifer Goodwin And Josh Dallas 

Oliver’s parents, Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin met on the set of Once Upon a Time in 2011. In the series, they were also each other’s love partners.

Both actors are Southerners and it was Josh who asked Ginnifer to marry him in October 2013.

Just a month after announcing their engagement, the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child, Oliver. Josh and the actress from Something Wicked got married in April 2014.

The wedding ceremony took place in Venice, California. The ceremony was reportedly quiet. Ginnifer was in the eighth month of Oliver’s pregnancy at the time of her wedding to Josh, so in a way, Oliver was participating in his parent’s marriage.

Josh and Ginnifer’s marriage was the first for Goodwin and the second for Dallas. Oliver’s father was previously the husband of Sherlock actress Lara Pulver; the two divorced in the autumn 2011.

Ginnifer was also engaged to Big Bear actor Joey Kern before her relationship with Josh Dallas. Two years after Oliver’s birth, Josh and his actress wife welcomed their second child, also a boy, Hugo Wilson Dallas, in June 2016.

Oliver Finlay Was A Reader 

Goodwin once revealed that her eldest son with Josh, Oliver, was an avid reader. Interestingly, Oliver was only nine months old at the time.

He is like the most imaginative nine-month-old on the planet. He reads books like you wouldn’t believe

said a Twilight Zone graduate. Oliver’s habit of reading, Goodwin said, really made life easier for her and her husband at the time.

Ginnifer And Josh Banned Oliver Finlay Dallas From Using Technology

Goodwin and Josh forbade their eldest son Oliver to watch most of the cartoons even when he was a child. As reported, the actress and actor also prevented Oliver from watching Zootopia, even though Goodwin herself was one of the main stars of the film.

Explaining the reason to the Hollywood Reporter in March 2016, Oliver’s mother said that she did not want her son to watch the animated film because she felt that her son was confusing the characters of the film with real people.

Meet Josh Dallas’ Son Oliver Finlay Dallas: Wiki, Age, Parents, & Untold Facts

The Heartbeat actress said that when she let her son watch Winnie the Pooh, he ended up thinking the characters were real.

Goodwin explained that by not letting her son watch the cartoons, she was avoiding a possible event where she would have to destroy her son’s illusions.

The actress from Pivoting said that she and her husband simply wanted their son to develop his imagination. The second reason was that Goodwin and Josh did not want to stop Oliver’s physical activity because he had been an extreme sports enthusiast from the start. In addition, Jennifer and Josh also forbade Oliver from using any kind of screen – iPad, TV, mobile phone, and other digital entertainment – until school age.

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Oliver’s Other Facts

  • Oliver is said to have started speaking Dothraki.
  • When he was an infant, Oliver’s actor parents built him a Star Wars nursery.
  • His maternal great-grandmother, also Ginnifer’s paternal great-grandmother, went to prison for drug dealing. Actress Gudvin’s paternal grandparents were often involved in several criminal activities.
  • As a child, Finlay also loved cycling and Legos.
  • After the birth of her first son, Ginnifer decided to star in more family-friendly films.
  • Almost a year after Oliver was born, his actor father Josh told Closer Weekly that his son was already a fast learner. The CSI actor said that Oliver climbs stairs “like a ninja, holding his bottle”, which was all a milestone for Josh and Goodwin.