Dario Franchitti Bio, Wife, Family, Divorce, Net Worth, Other Facts
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Car racing is one of the most exciting sports available to mankind, it is the combination of our technical wonders and adrenaline. If you love racing, especially car racing, then you probably know Dario Franchitti – he is one of the most accomplished figures in racing.

With a career that spanned over 20 years, Dario collected several victories and achieved legendary status. Below you will find some information about the Scottish champion that you may not be familiar with, such as his professional history, his fortune, and other facts from his life.

Dario Franchitti Bio

It is difficult to determine exactly when Franchitti fell in love with racing, but the awards and championship titles he has earned throughout his career are no secret. The Motorsports Hall of Famer 2019 was awarded the McLaren Autosport Award in 1992, the Greg Moore Legacy Award in 2001, and the BRDC Gold Star in 2009.

Not much is known about his childhood, except that he attended Stewart’s Melville College in Edinburgh and cultivated his passion for racing while still at school.

Dario Franchitti Bio, Wife, Family, Divorce, Net Worth, Other Facts
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Franchitti, who would later be honored as a member of the Order of the Empire (MBE) for services to motorsports, began his extensive career in 1984 at the Karting Junior Championship.

His first victory came in 1991 in the Formula Vauxhall Junior. Nicknamed Dario Speedwagon, there was no doubt about his ability to put his foot on the gas and wiggle around various obstacles. Dario celebrated his first professional championship win in 1993, in his second season as Paul Stewart Racing driver. In his first season, he finished fourth, but was named “Young Driver of the Year”.

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Dario has participated in various racing tournaments. He participated in NASCAR, sports car, IndyCar series, and CART races. His most successful stint was the IndyCar series, which we won four times in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011. The Indianapolis 500, one of the most prestigious, if not the most prestigious race in the IndyCar Series, was won three times by Dario.

Before Dario Franchitti found his place in American racing, he tried his hand at Formula One in 2000. He had an audition for the Jaguar F1, but the combined misfortune of a bad car and injury prevented him from doing enough to impress the Formula, One team.

While Franchitti was successful in the IndyCar series, he did not have the same record in NASCAR. His best result during his time with NASCAR was fifth place in 2008.

This racer suffered several accidents during his time as a professional racer, but his accident at the Grand Prix on October 6, 2013, was an accident that ended his career. In the accident, Dario suffered a fracture of his right ankle, a fracture of his spine, and a concussion. As it turned out later, he also suffered five weeks of memory loss. Dario retired after the devastating accident.

Outside of active racing, he became the competition director of Ganassi Racing after his recovery. He also worked on other racing projects, such as a consultant in the development of the game physics of a racing game, Simraceway. Dario also had several film appearances, such as Turbo in 2013 and most recently Born Racer in 2018.

Wife, Divorce, and Family

Dario Franchitti Bio, Wife, Family, Divorce, Net Worth, Other Facts
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Dario is currently married to Eleanor Robb and the couple has a daughter, Sofia, born in 2015. The Scot of Italian descent married Eleanor Robb after his divorce from Ashley Judd in 2013.

Dario’s marriage with Judd lasted 12 years, but it was not until 2013 that the marriage broke up. The two decided to give up their marriage for reasons best known to them. Franchitti currently lives with his family in London, England.

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Dario Franchitti Net Worth

Dario is a successful and well-known car racer. The Scot, who has won several championships during his career, including several times the Indianapolis 500, Scot does not lack sponsors and sponsorship. With his current role as co-host of Mission Ignition and his winnings over the course of his career and sponsorship contracts, Dario is currently valued at $50 million.

Other Facts To Know About The Retired Racing Driver 

1. Paul di Resta, the former Formula 1 driver, is Dario’s cousin, and Marino Franchitti, Dario’s younger brother, is also a professional racing driver.

2. He is a supporter of the Celtic Football Club, a soccer team in Scotland.

3. Dario Franchitti comes from a predominantly Italian background. His Scottish heritage comes from his birth in Scotland.