Lonnie Frisbee Religion: Did He Follow Christian Faith? Family Tree

“Many people wonder about Lonnie Frisbee’s religion. If you want to know more about what he believed keep reading!”

Lonnie Ray Frisbee was an important person in the Jesus movement of the late 1960s and 1970s. He called himself an evangelist and was from the United States.

Lonnie Frisbee was gay and openly talked about it but he thought that God considered it a sin. This went against the rules of the religious groups he was part of which didn’t allow homosexuality.

He passed away when he was 43 due to AIDS in 1993. He is known for many things he talked about or did which got noticed publicly and he is still remembered for them.

“Keep reading to learn about what religion Lonnie Frisbee believed in and other things about his family.”

Lonnie Frisbee Religion: Did He Follow Christian Faith?

Frisbee was part of different Christian groups like Assemblies of God Calvary Chapel and Vineyard Movement.

Many young people were attracted to Frisbee’s ministry because of his unique and charismatic style.

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Frisbee’s teachings were focused on the personal experience of the Holy Spirit.

People knew Frisbee for his way of speaking about God and religion which was exciting and passionate. He would sometimes speak in a language that only God and a few people could understand. He would also predict the future and some people believed that he had the power to heal the sick.

Some Christians thought Frisbee’s behavior was unusual because he used drugs and was openly gay.

He had his own ideas and beliefs about religion God and faith and people knew him for these views.

Frisbee was a speaker who talked a lot about Christianity and he had a big impact on the Jesus Movement and the community of Christians who believe in the Holy Spirit’s power. People still feel his influence today.

Lonnie Frisbee Family Tree

Lonnie Frisbee got married to Connie Frisbee during the 1970s. They fell in love with each other very fast.

He and his wife Connie had a strong relationship. Connie loved and supported him and often went with him on his travels.

Lonnie and Connie had three children but they didn’t talk about them publicly.

Lonnie Frisbee Religion: Did He Follow Christian Faith? Family Tree

Connie kept his personal life private but some people wondered about his sexuality because he said he was openly gay.

Connie Breeden helped Frisbee with his ministry by going with him on evangelical missions.

But they had problems in their marriage. Frisbee cheated on his partner and struggled with being homosexual.

Later in 1978, they split up. Frisbee went to San Francisco and joined the gay community there.

In addition to what he learned from his wife he grew up with only his mom because his dad left her for another woman after a while.

Frisbee grew up with his brother who backed up his decisions about what he wanted to do with his life.

He also had a close relationship with his mother and brother who played important parts in his career.

Lonnie Frisbee’s Death Cause

Frisbee passed away in 1993 because of AIDS-related problems. However when he died some people said he had a brain tumor instead.

Lonnie Frisbee Religion: Did He Follow Christian Faith? Family Tree

They buried Frisbee his ex-wife three kids and one other family member at Crystal Cathedral Memorial Gardens.

People had a lot of questions about Frisbee’s ideas and opinions even after he died.

Many individuals expressed their sympathy to his family and paid tribute to him. He had a big impact on others and thousands of people sent their condolences to his family.

Even today many individuals think of him as a significant religious leader and someone who claimed to have a lot of influence on others.