Kodak Black Mother: Who Is Marcelene Octave? Age Husband Children

Kodak Black a famous rapper who sings Hip-Hop music has been in the news for three days.

Kodak Black became popular in 2014 when his song “No Flockin” was released. His first album called “Painting Pictures” was also successful and reached the number three spot on the US Billboard 200 chart in the same year.

Kodak Black has faced some problems with the law and has been in the news for doing some bad things even though he is still young.

Kodak Black was born on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach Florida to his mother Marcelene Octave. His family comes from Haiti.

Marcelene Octave: who is she?

Marcelene Octave who is a very beautiful woman was born and raised in Haiti which is a country in the Caribbean.

She came to the US in the 1990s because she wanted to leave behind the poverty of Haiti. This means she moved to a new country to start a better life.

It is not clear if Kodak Black’s mother knew she was going to have a baby when she moved to the US. His real name is Dieuson Octave.

What we know for sure is that on June 11 1997 Kodak Black was born and his amazing mother raised him all by herself being both a mom and a dad to him. She did a great job taking care of him.

We don’t know who Kodak Black’s father is but it’s clear that he left Marcelene alone when she was pregnant with Kodak Black.