Meet Dale Gordon Wife of American Popular Attorney Laura Coates

Meet Dale Gordon Wife of American Popular Attorney Laura Coates

Laura Coates’ husband is named Dale Gordon and he works as an IT engineer. Even though they like to keep their lives private we found out that he went to college at Princeton and got a degree in IT.

Many articles say that Dale is either a football player or an actor but these claims are not true.

Some people think that Laura Coates’ husband is an actor named Dale Gordon who appeared in movies like Star Trek Stargate and Independence Day.

Dale has been married to Charlotte Gordon since June 1981 but some people wrongly think he is married to Laura. However, Laura says that this is not true.

There are not many posts about Coates’ spouse on her Instagram account so some people think that they might have broken up.

However, it doesn’t look like they broke up because Coates was seen with Dale at the premiere of a movie called A Journal for Jordan in December 2021.

Coates doesn’t share a lot about her private life on social media. She only posts a few pictures of her children and we don’t see many personal posts on her profile.

It’s not right to judge their relationship only by looking at social media posts. We hope that Dale and Laura have a happy and long-lasting relationship together.

Her father went to Amherst College and grew up in foster care. He became a dentist. Her mother went to Smith College and works at Wells Fargo. Her grandparents worked as domestic workers. This is where Laura comes from.

How old is Dale Gordon?

We don’t know how old SDale Gordon is because nobody has told us.

What’s Dale Gordon’s height and weight?

We don’t know how much Dale weighs or how tall he is right now.

What nationality is Dale Gordon?

Dale Gordon is from the United States of America.

How long has Dale Gordon been married?

Laura Coates is a person who works in the media a lot but we don’t know much about her personal life. She doesn’t share a lot about her family and we don’t know when she got married. However, we do know that she is married to a former football player named Dale Gordon. He played for many different teams over more than ten years. Even though Laura is famous she doesn’t talk about her personal life in the media very much.

Does Dale Gordon have children?

Coates and Gordon have two wonderful children named Adrian who was born in 2013 and Sydney who was born in 2014.

Coates puts pictures of her kids on social media but she doesn’t usually show their whole faces. She lives with her husband and their children in Washington D.C.

What’s Dale Gordon’s net worth?

At the time of making this video, she had more money than both of her parents combined. Her net worth was $2 million!

The analyst is really good at her job and she gets paid almost $90000 every year. She might also get an extra $10000 every year on top of that!