Ed Sheeran Girlfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Quick Facts and Full Bio
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Ed Sheeran is an English songwriter, guitarist, singer, record producer, and occasional rapper and actor who has been very successful in his career since he started making music professionally. His voice can best be described as melodic, and any lyrics he uses in his songs are appropriate where he finds his place to either entertain or convey a message.

Ed’s musical career has grown enormously fast, so many people are rushing to get the latest information about him. We will make all this known here, as we have done a lot of research, his biography, his parents, his girlfriend, his fortune, and some brief facts about Ed Sheeran.

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Full Biography of Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, whose full name is Edward Christopher Sheeran, was born on 17 February 1991 in Hebden Bridge, a town in Calderdale near Halifax, West Yorkshire, to London parents who would later raise him in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Ed Sheeran Girlfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Quick Facts and Full Bio

As a child, Ed listened to songs by people like Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. From the tender age of 4, he was also a member of the choir in his local church. He learned to play the guitar when he was at Rishworth School, and during his high school years at Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, he had started to write songs. His interest in music didn’t stop there, because it wasn’t just a joke, it was something that was close to his heart and he knew how to pursue it. As a teenager, Ed became a member of the National Youth Theatre in London and was also a patron of the Youth Music Theatre UK and Access to Music, where he studied Artist Development as a course.

Ed Sheeran Career Beginning and Success

For his music career, Sheeran began recording songs in 2004 and released his first collection entitled Spinning Man. This gave him little publicity, which was exactly what he probably needed to get started. In 2008 he moved to London to audition for the ITV series Britannia High. He also started playing at small venues, which made his fan base very large. In 2009 Ed released another EP called You Need Me. In the same year, we saw his collaboration with artists such as Leddra Chapman and CeeLo Green.

His fan base now began to grow at a rate that can be considered significant, as he began to reach more people with his music via the internet, especially YouTube. Various celebrities from other walks of life gave him recognition, and The Independent Newspaper even gave him credit for his well-thought-out songs and perfectly selected lyrics.

Sheeran’s big moment, however, came on the memorable January 8, 2011, when he released another independent ep of himself, featuring industry-respected artists such as Wiley, Sway and Ghetts, Devlin and Jme. This was his last as an independent artist, and it was worth it. Without one iota of promotion, the record climbed to #2 on the iTunes charts and sold over 7,000 copies in its first week. Later that year he signed with Asylum Records.

Ed Sheeran Girlfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Quick Facts and Full Bio
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From 2011 until today, Ed has recorded and released several albums and has collaborated with the best in the music industry on some of his songs. With every new song or album that comes out of him, it seems like it surpasses the previous one.

He made his acting debut in 2014 in a New Zealand soap opera called Shortland Street, which was filmed while he was in the country for a short performance. He was also part of some scenes in an Australian soap opera called Home and Away. Many people know him more as an actor, as he appeared in a scene in Game of Thrones together with Maisie Williams, which was a surprise for Maisie. His appearance in the film was not without some controversy, as he received both positive and negative reviews.

Family: Parents, Girlfriend

He has a well-known older brother named Mathew Sheeran who was born two years before him on 17 March 1989. Her parents were John (father) and Imogen (mother) Sheeran. John worked as an art curator and lecturer, while his wife, Ed’s mother, was a cultural publicist and later a jewelry designer. They also had a family business called Sheeran Lock, an independent art consulting firm, which they ran from 1990, the year before Ed was born, until 2010, another year before he became world-famous.

Ed was very reserved in his relationships with the opposite sex. He has only been associated with ladies on a few occasions, which is a rarity in relationships with celebrities. In 2012 he had a relationship with Nina Nesbitt, a Scottish singer, and songwriter, who appeared in his music video called Drunk. When they were together, the love or attraction that brought them together was so strong that they wrote and wrote songs about each other. Most of Nina’s albums talked about Sheeran, while Ed wrote the song Nina and Photograph because of her. Still, they split up over time.

Ed Sheeran Girlfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Quick Facts and Full Bio
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Ed began a relationship with Athina Andrelos in January 2014, and again he made a song about – Thinking Out Loud. And yes, it sounded loud when the fans learned that he had broken up with her after only one year and one month (February 2015). This was Ed’s second breakup in relationships, and it seemed like he was going the way most celebrities do.

However, Ed did something that people found quite beautiful. He went back to his former high school classmate, Cherry Seaborn, who started in July 2015 and in January 2018 they announced their engagement.

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Cherry is British and was born on May 16, 1992, the daughter of Mathew Seaborn and Ann Lancaster. She has a sibling named Charlie Seaborn and both grew up in Suffolk, UK. Ed’s girlfriend attended Durham University and is currently a professional hockey player. She started hockey in her late teens and played for England’s U-18 hockey team in 2007 and 2008.

Ed Sheeran Net Worth

Sheeran has net assets of $65 million, derived primarily from his album sales and live performances. He owns a farmhouse near Framlingham, Suffolk, which he bought and hopes to raise his family there, and he also owns another house in South London.

Quick Facts

  • His birth sign is Aquarius
  • His paternal grandparents were Irish.
  • Ed revealed that his father came from a very large Catholic family.
  • On his body, you will find over 60 tattoos symbolizing various milestones of his music career, as well as some in recognition of his fans.
  • In 2011 he was awarded seven platinum awards in the UK, while his single The A-Team won the Ivor Novello Award for best song musically and lyrically.