Chris Brown Baby Mama Girlfriend Wife

Chris Brown is not surprised to be the king of controversies most of which result in legal battles. Since fighting with Rihanna his long-time girlfriend and the ensuing legal battle Chris has become a friend of the courts. From time to time Breezy as his legion of fans around the world affectionately calls him walks the corridors of justice. Interestingly he is almost always in defense of his actions. let’s find out a few facts about Chris Brown’s Baby mama

Many controversies revolve around Chris Brown most of which revolve around his girlfriends and his baby’s mom. Recently Nia Guzman who happens to be the mother of Chris Brown’s baby has been in the spotlight with endless allegations against the father of her child. These claims focus mainly on Chris Brown’s incompetence with regard to his paternal duties to their daughter Royalty.

His relationship with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran was not without controversy and they publicly separated in a rather humiliating way. In fact, Tran and Brown were still dating when Guzman was pregnant with her child which caused the humiliating breakup… BUSTED!!!!!!!

Who Is Chris Brown Baby Mama; Nia Guzman?

Chris Brown Baby Mama Girlfriend Wife

Nia Guzman is not as popular as her father Chris Brown but the controversies around their daughter have put her in the spotlight. Although little information is available about it here is what we know about Nia Guzman also known as Nia Alley and Nia Gonzalez.

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Nia Guzman resides in Corpus Christi Texas and is of Puerto Rican and Mexican origin. She met the singer Chris Brown about 6 years ago through mutual friends and the couple became friends and of course “friends with benefits”. It is interesting to note that she also has Karrueche Tran and Christina Milan Breezy’s ex-girlfriend as her best friend; the photos taken together on Instagram are proof of this. So apparently she slept with her best friend’s caboose… ouchhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Chris Brown Baby Mama Girlfriend Wife

Nia Guzman is a nursing student who also has aspirations to obtain a degree in radiology, including CT and MRI. In addition to her academic pursuits, she is an accomplished model. Her profile on Model Mayhem reveals that she stands at 5’4″ and weighs 125 pounds; in 2009, her bio stated that she was 25 years old at the time and enjoyed photography as well as new adventures.

Guzman is associated with Jas Prince’s record label Y.E.M.G., formerly owned by Christina Milan’s ex-boyfriend, and also serves as a representative for the Ingenious Clothing brand.

Chris Brown’s Girlfriends

Chris Brown’s love life has been characterized by conflicts and even “love triangles”. Her first mediatized relationship was with her compatriot Rihanna an R&B singer. The relationship that began in 2008 ended in 2009 following the physical violence between the two. Breezy then dates Natalie Mejia a member of the Girlicious band but their relationship seems to be just an adventure because it ended too early.

Chris Brown Baby Mama Girlfriend Wife

In 2011, the aspiring Karrueche Tran model was next. In 2012, rumors are spreading that Breezy was trying to rekindle the fire with his ex-Rihanna by creating a kind of love triangle. He publicly announced his break-up with Tran by saying, “I don’t want to see her suffer because of my friendship with Rihanna. Breezy and Rihanna came back to separate again in 2013, bringing Karrueche Tran back to the forefront.

Breezy and Tran had an intermittent relationship until the model publicly called him “resigned” after learning of Breezy’s child’s existence with her friend Nia Guzman. Tran, in March 2015, launched into social media and twittered on Twitter: “Listen. We can’t take that many. Good luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.” Since then, Chris and Tran have been taking turns fighting on social media.

Chris Brown Baby Mama Drama And Court Case

The news of Breezy’s daughter was followed by controversies and dramas such as those seen on social media. Breezy and Guzman had difficulty accepting the fact that Guzman had co-parented their daughter with Guzman filing allegations against Brown about not being up to the task.

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However, it was only at the age of one that Brown learned that Royalty was his child. Guzman’s ex-boyfriend, Brazil Riesling aka King Ba, claimed that Guzman had told him that he was the father of royalty until the truth was revealed. King Ba went to Instagram to show pictures of him and the royalty and to call Breezy “just a sperm donor”. King Ba was later arrested for forging U.S. Treasury cheques totaling more than $5,000.

Chris Brown baby mama

At the hearing, Guzman stated that Breezy is unfit for fatherhood and that he cannot do it alone without supervision because of his drug use and gang membership. She also claimed that their daughter Royalty had developed asthma as a result of Brown’s smoking habit. Ms. Guzman also asked for an increase in child support from $2,500 to $16,000 per month. However, the court ruled in Breezy’s favor by granting her 12 days per month of unsupervised custody with royalties and no increase in child support costs.

Chris Brown Daughter and Baby Mama

After the court’s decision, Guzman told everything about his story and his relationship with Breezy in an exclusive interview with Latin magazine. And their fight over social media seems endless.