Meet Bernice Burgos’s Daughter Sarai Burgos: Bio, Career, Net Worth
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Sarai Burgos is the daughter of Instagram and music video model and reality TV star Bernice Burgos. Sarai, who is only a teenager, is Bernice’s second daughter and one of the most striking models of our time. She is also an entrepreneur who has made a name for herself by starring in several music videos, including for multi-platinum artists, as well as for national magazines.

She has starred in several songs, including the 2012 video for Diced Pineapples by Drake, J Cole, and Rick Ross. Sarai’s mother, who also starred in the MTV series Wild ‘N Out, is also often mentioned for how young she looks. Especially when she poses with her daughters.

Her mother is popular for showing off her curves in all kinds of bikinis on social media. One of them has more than 7 million (Insta). However, no matter how much there is to say about Bernish or even her first daughter, too little and too rarely has Sarai ever been the subject of any decisive controversy. Read why Bernitz keeps this little girl away from the public eye, who her father is, and what her quest is beyond all of the above.

Sarai Burgos Age, Birth Details,…

When Bernice gave birth to her second daughter, Sarai Burgos, has remained a mystery. However, the former MTV reality star has often claimed that her second daughter, Sarai, was born 10 years after she gave birth to her first daughter, Ashley.

Meet Bernice Burgos’s Daughter Sarai Burgos: Bio, Career, Net Worth
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Sarai’s older sister (and Burnice’s first daughter) was born in May 1996.

The fashion enthusiast was 25 when she welcomed 16-year-old Sarai Burgos, and 15 when she gave birth to Ashley. However, Bernie has never shied away from talking about her teenage mummy period.

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Who Is Sarai Burgos’s Father?

Until now, the identity of Sarai’s real father has also remained shrouded in fog; who is her father & all? Although, due to anonymity, it has been inferred that the teenager’s father is not someone famous.

Sarai’s mother, born in April 1980, has ethnic roots in Puerto Rico. The 42-year-old grew up in the Bronx, New York.

Her mother has often made it clear that she is the child of Puerto Rican parents who grew up in a Hispanic environment.

Sarai Burgos Older Sister, Ashley Burgos Is Also Famous

Sara’s elder sister, Ashley Maria Burgos, was born on 9 May 1996 in New York. Like her mother, she is also quite popular on Instagram (with just over 200 000 followers). She is also a mother herself at a fairly young age.

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She is also an entrepreneur who owns a clothing line with her celebrity mother, Bernie.

Like Sarai’s father, Bernie has not revealed any details about who Ashley’s dad is. She once revealed, however, that the father of her first child was 19 years old when she was born. He had also been in and out of jail.

The One Time Bernice Showed Her Daughter Sarai To Her Instagram Followers

She could be quite a show-and-tell about herself, whether it’s her difficult past or her current burgeoning success. Bernice, however, has said little about her youngest daughter, Sarai. Among the many posts the New Yorker has shared on her social networks, only in a few cases has the model ever talked about her youngest, Sarai.

That was in July 2017, when she posted an Instagram shot of the model’s mum walking at that year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards while filming a video. In the post, the five-nine-year-old celebrity asks her second daughter to be with her on camera and mentions how shy she is.

After a while, Sarai asks her mother where they should go. The final scenes of the video show the awards show crowd and its infamous creep stunts.

Sarai Burgos’s Mother Bernice Struggled A Lot Before Her Modeling Career

Although she is now a visible model and seemingly doing well as an entrepreneur, Sarai’s mother Bernice has had to live through her share of ups and downs. Even before she became famous, the Diced Pineapples model became pregnant at the age of 15, was abandoned by her family, and left homeless.

She then started living at her then-boyfriend’s mother’s house, where she did all the housework. As she became pregnant and had no family to support, Bernice also had to drop out of school.

Meet Bernice Burgos’s Daughter Sarai Burgos: Bio, Career, Net Worth

Sometime later, Sarai’s mother got a job as a barmaid, which is when she started working as a model. Since she started her modeling career, Bernice’s leading lady has starred in a vixen video and posed for many magazines. Two of them are SHOW and XXL.

The first music video of a Latin American model was for J. Cole’s song Work Out. Three years later, the mother of two starred in Rick Ross’s Diced Pineapples.

Sarai Burgos’s Mother Has Had Relationships With Several Men

As already mentioned, Burgos’ mother, Bernie, was only 15 years old when she gave birth to her first daughter, Ashley. She, therefore, had her first relationship at a very young age. Also, having a child at such a young age forced Bernice to grow up quite quickly.

As she grew up she met many famous and also infamous men. Recently, Bernie met the rapper TI. Their relationship also appears in the sixth season of “Family Matters”.

However, it was quite controversial as the rapper No Mediocre was also on the verge of divorce from his wife Tiny Harris. There are also allegations that Bernice was the other woman between TI and Harris.

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Although Bernice later made it clear that she was not to blame for the rift between the record producer and his wife. She explained that there had already been a rift in their union.

Sarai’s mother said that she had never worked with a married man in her life. In an interview with The Breakfast Club in July 2017, the mother of two said that her meetings with TI had been extremely professional. She also added that the talks included her possible participation in a film.

TI and Tiny separated in April 2017; however, they reconciled. Some other men Bernie has had affairs with are Nick Cannon, Gervonta Davis, and Drake. The man the media last linked to Bernice was the singer of Going Bad, Meek Mill, whom she allegedly dated in 2018.

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Sarai’s Mother, Bernice Burgos Net Worth

She may have faced hardships in the past, but now Bernice, the mother of the new Sarai, is a decently successful businesswoman and celebrity, not just in terms of fame, but also money and everything else.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars she earns from her modeling work, the supposed millionaire also brings in quite a lot of money from her clothing business.

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She has her own clothing line, a branded sleepwear collection that offers sporty and feminine styles for women. The Show Magazine model says that with her clothing line she tries to teach progress to her daughters.

Despite her popularity and much talk about her entrepreneurial ventures, all this time there has been a lack of information about the ABC of her financial worth. Several speculations, however, suggest that her net worth is close to $1 million dollars or even more.

Quick Facts About Sarai Burgos

Profession Celebrity Child
Full Name Sarai Burgos
Nickname Sarai
Birthplace United States of America
Ethnicity Afro-American
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Father unknown
Mother Bernice Burgos
Children No
Marital Status Single
Relationship History Yes
Net Worth $1 Million
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black
Build Slim
Height 4 feet
Weight 38 kg
Online Presence No
Horoscope Cancer
Instagram Link