Anna Kendrick Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married

Being in public means that practically every detail of your life is the subject of public speculation, especially the romantic aspect. Even in our personal lives, people are constantly trying to keep up with the people who are dating and who is married to whom so it’s pretty much the same everywhere. Today it’s all about Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status so let’s get started.

Is Anna Kendrick Married?

The answer to that question is no but she has some pretty beautiful wedding pictures out there. In 2013 Anna got married in the movie The Last 5 Years and since then the pictures of her sealing the deal with her pretty co-star Jeremy Jordan have been circulating. The film is based on the 2002 Off-Broadway musical the duo each shows the struggle and deconstruction of their love affair.

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married
Behind the scenes during the filming of “The Last 5 Years”

The fact that the star is not married doesn’t mean she didn’t have a love affair here and there. There has been some speculation about who the star is dealing with and since there is no husband who can be easily traced we should take a look at some of her relationships.

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Is Anna Kendrick Taken?

The answer to that question is yes but it’s not just taken She’s allegedly been “taken” on some occasions and we’ll check each one of them out.

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married

In 2014 Anna starred in the film Into the Woods with Chris Pine who was Prince Charming for her fairytale princess. After a probably intense romance on screen, someone must have tried to make his chemistry on-screen a reality by circulating this rumor. Soon after the rumor came up it went up in smoke.

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married

In Hollywood, it is practically impossible to go out with members of the opposite sex without fake wedding invitations showing up. After she was seen around with her close buddy Game of Thrones Star Alfie Allen the rumor mill began to boil and the main thing was that the two were deeply involved.

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married

One of their more entertaining dating hoaxes is the one in which Zac Efron was involved. Film sets don’t have to be boring places and these two stars are proof of that. During the shooting of Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates the two were involved in a game where they took silly snapshots of each other and published them on Instagram.

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married

It almost destroyed the Internet but it turned out they were just playing… Internet repaired.

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Now to some of the guy’s Anna Kendrick actually dated from 2009 to 2013, the star was involved in a very secret relationship with film director Edgar Wright. Apparently, they met while filming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Anna’s relationship was so secret that no one really got a whiff of her until they broke up.

anna kendrick and Edgar Wright
Image source

A year later Anna found love in the arms of Ben Richardson a cameraman who worked on her film Drinking Buddies and hers is a love that seems to get stronger and stronger. They recently went on a trip that warmed the hearts of all lovers of love everywhere.

Anna Kendrick and ben richardson

It wasn’t anything fancy or elaborate just a couple taking a walk with cold drinks in their hands as cute as it may be it’s not the latest news circulating about the couple. There was speculation that the star secretly married in a private ceremony attended only by family and close friends. The rumors came up when Anna was seen with a wedding ring.

Anna Kendrick Boyfriend Ben Richardson

Without further confirmation from any of the parties involved it is safe to say that this is a rumor especially as they do not yet have to announce an engagement but in the event that it is true to have a secret wedding one of the best ways to avoid all unwanted guests at their wedding is to have a secret wedding.

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Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have been romantically involved for over a year having first met several years ago. Both actors have collaborated on various projects such as Saturday Night Live and the 2019 film Noelle. Sources suggest that they are in a committed relationship since then.

After nearly two years of a private relationship, the actors have decided to part ways. This split is just two months after Hader told an outlet that Kendrick would not be appearing on his HBO show Barry. Both parties seemed to prioritize their privacy during their time together and wanted to keep things “quiet,” but ultimately they chose different paths in the end.

The cause of the couple’s split is unknown yet they have maintained a positive relationship since then. Kendrick has even shown his support for Hader by congratulating him on his Emmy win for Barry. This demonstrates that despite their breakup they continue to remain in each other’s lives and support one another professionally.

Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson

Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson have been in a committed relationship for more than twelve months as per an anonymous source. It appears that the couple may be preparing to take their bond to the next level.

Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson have reportedly ended their relationship after keeping it relatively private. According to a source, the couple has been separated since 2020 with Anna moving on in her personal life by beginning a new romance with actor Bill Hader. While there is no further information available about the split between Anna and Ben at this time we wish them both well as they move forward in their respective paths.

Keeping It Low-Key with Seven Years Boyfriend, Ben Richardson

Ben Richardson is a highly acclaimed British cinematographer who has been behind the camera on some of Hollywood’s biggest hits such as Drinking Buddies and Yellowstone. His impressive body of work earned him recognition at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and even more impressively he managed to win over Anna Kendrick’s heart.

Ben Richardson is a renowned name in the Hollywood film industry, having established himself as one of the top cinematographers working today. His work has earned him well-deserved recognition and admiration from colleagues and fans alike making him an iconic figure within the entertainment world.

Ben and Anna have been in a committed relationship since 2014, having first met on the set of Drinking Buddies one year prior. Despite seven years together their connection is still strong and growing stronger with time.

Anna and Ben have proven to be a highly successful team both on-screen as well as off. After working together in the romantic comedy Table 19 three years ago their chemistry has been undeniable; this is evidenced by the success of many of their joint projects since then. Their talent for creating memorable cinematic experiences speaks volumes about how compatible they are both personally and professionally.

Anna and her partner had a unique way of keeping their relationship alive; they had established rituals that were just as exciting as the titles of their movies. From the day they met Anna and her partner have been drinking buddies often visiting the same bar to meet up with one another. It was also in this bar that they shared their first date together – a memory which has remained special for them both over time.

Anna and Ben have been together for seven years yet they haven’t shown any indication of getting married or having kids. They are content with their lives as it is and prioritize their careers. Despite this Anna and Ben remain our favorite couple ever!

Dating Edgar Wright and Didn’t Work Well

Anna Kendrick’s perspective on her relationship with Edgar Wright a British film director renowned for his works Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World changed after they first met while working together on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This meeting was a major turning point in Anna Kendrick’s view of their connection as it provided an opportunity to get to know him more deeply than before.

Edgar Wright is a renowned figure in the film industry having achieved several awards such as British Independent Film Awards (2004) Empire Awards (2010) and Georgia Film Critics Association Award (2018). Despite his success professionally his relationship with Anna did not fare as well.

Edgar and Anna’s relationship is not defined by its hardships but rather the love they have for one another. Despite all of their struggles they managed to remain together for four years – a testament to how deeply connected they were. During this time there were surely many romantic moments that kept them going through the difficult times.

Anna and Edgar began a relationship in 2009 but due to the challenges of long-distance they eventually went their separate ways in 2013. During this time period Anna was based out of California while Edgar resided in London.

A Rumor with Jake Gyllenhaal

It is not unexpected that any man would be attracted to Anna Kendrick who has beauty charisma skill and wit. However, it’s unlikely anyone would have predicted Jake Gyllenhaal to be the one captivated by her alluring qualities.

Anna and Jake were seen together in a seemingly intimate embrace with Jake’s arms around her shoulders and Anna leaning on him. It was clear that the two had more than just a platonic connection as they appeared to be enjoying each other’s company in an affectionate manner.

Pictures of the two costars from End of Watch taken in a Subway in California by paparazzi came as a surprise to us given that they had been spending so much time together on set. However, it appears that their relationship extended beyond filming and into their personal lives.

Rumors have been swirling that Anna and Jake were an item however these speculations remain unconfirmed as neither of them has confirmed or denied the news. This has left their fans guessing whether they are in a relationship or not.

Anna Kendrick is known for keeping her personal life out of the spotlight which is no surprise given that she’s an A-list celebrity in Hollywood. Despite being a public figure she has managed to keep her romantic relationships largely private and it appears that this discretion has been part of her journey all along. It makes sense why someone with such fame would want to avoid having their love life be constantly under scrutiny from the media and fans alike.

Is She Single?

With everything we’ve seen it’s safe to say that the star is so far from being single as Pluto is far from Earth but only time can tell and over the course of its history we’ll all know more.

Quick Facts About Anna Kendrick

Date of Birth:9 August 1985 
Age:34 years old
Birth Nation:United States of America
Height:5 Feet 2 Inch
NameAnna Kendrick
Birth Place/CityPortland, Maine, United States
ProfessionActing, Modeling
Net Worth$50 Million USD
Body Measurements36-26-32 (Bust-Waist-Hip)
Breast Size36 in
Waist size26 in
Hip Size32 in
Neck Size9.4
Shoe Size10
Weight in KG56 kg