Jonathan Frakes’ Daughter Elizabeth Francis Frakes: Things You Didn’t Know

Jonathan Frakes’ Daughter Elizabeth Francis Frakes: Things You Didn’t Know
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Elizabeth Francis Frakes or Eliza Frakes is a theatre actress, writer, and filmmaker based in Portland and Los Angeles. Her mother, Jenny Frakes, is known for her roles as Laura Spenser on General Hospital, Diane Colville on Days of Our Lives, and Davy Atkinson on The Young and the Restless.

Frakes’ father, Jonathan, is known for his portrayal of Commander William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent films and TV series. He also hosted the anthology series Beyond Belief: The Voice of Xanatos in the Disney television series Gargoyles.

Jenny and Jonathan’s daughter Eliza write plays, screenplays, poetry, and fiction. Her work focuses on the presence of the absurd in the mundane, the role of humor in drama, and the socio-political climate.

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Frakes is also a passionate collaborator and art maker who has worked on both sides of the camera, again as an actress, director, and writer, as well as camera PA and digital utility. Check out the extended version of her biography, wiki, in the articles below; starting with her birth, education, theatre career, relationships, and so on.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ Birth And Sibling

Elizabeth Francis Frakes, daughter of Jonathan and Jenny, was born on 30 May 1997 in Maine. Now 24 years old, Frakes grew up in Belfast, Maine, with her brother, Jameson Ivor Frakes.

Jonathan Frakes’ Daughter Elizabeth Francis Frakes: Things You Didn’t Know
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Her brother, Jameson, is a musician and he is not particularly interested in a screen career. He also studied documentary film at Ithaca College.

Her Education

Elisa graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2019 with a degree in English and Theatre.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’s Career As A Theater Artist

Elizabeth Francis Frakes career as a theatre actress began in her mid-teens when, at the age of 15, she won a prestigious National YoungArts Foundation Award for her work on the screenplay of IV, With Love, Tuck, and Alex.

While attending Viewpoint School, Frakes had said she wanted to learn filmmaking and storytelling skills so she could make documentaries and educate the public about environmental issues.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes Career
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While in college, Elizabeth Francis Frakes was active in both the English and Theatre departments and completed independent research with both faculties, which led her to write a pilot film and a play.

Her initial pilot project later won the student section of the Wild Sound Festival.

She was also awarded the department’s Excellence in Acting Award during her studies.

To learn acting lessons, Frakes went to study with the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble. There she learned everything from set design to Shakespeare. She was also in the RA/TA writing workshop at Fir Acres in Portland, Oregon.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes Works In Theater Background 

After graduating from the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, Elizabeth Francis Frakes began living and working across the country in writers’ rooms, set design, theatres, and as an educator.

Jonathan Frakes’ Daughter Elizabeth Francis Frakes: Things You Didn’t Know
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While living in Los Angeles, she worked at Fuzzy Door Productions as a scriptwriter. Some of Frac’s theatre roles include Mash in Stupid F*$king Bird, Tabby in Cuddles, Lily in Waterlily, and Sarah in Murky (a short film).

Frak’s theatre scripts to date include Remembrance Day and Moleman.

One Of Her Works Has Been Featured At Cannes 

Elizabeth Francis Frakes has also had one of her short films included in Cannes and it won the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

As a theatre artist, Frakes is described by her peers as someone who is good at inventing original material and has performed in classical, modern, and experimental plays at university and professional levels.

Eliza is also a founding member of 920 Collective, an interdisciplinary community of artists who come together to collaborate and support early-career artists in the creation of new media.

She is also a member of Corrib Theatre.

Frax’s CV outside of theatre began to take shape when she landed a job as a script assistant on the new CBS all-access show in September 2019, which allowed her to work on the support staff and learn while sitting in the TV writers’ room.

Then in 2020, Eliza completed a year-long residency at the Echo Theatre as one of its selected emerging playwrights, where she debuted her first full-length play, Moleman.

During this time, Frakes founded the interdisciplinary arts group Might Be A Bad One Collective. The group meets twice a month to create a space for collaboration, accountability, and a creative community.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes Wrote A Children’s Book And Was A Yoga Teacher 

At the age of 16, while at Viewpoint, Elizabeth Francis Frakes wrote a children’s book called I Don’t Want to Play Princess. She was inspired to write the book by summers spent playing outdoors at Lake Megunticook in Maine.

While at Viewpoint, Frakes also became certified as a yoga teacher and taught yoga to children from low-income families. Frakes has also written poems, some of which have been published in The Portland Review.

Elizabeth’s Mother, Genie Francis Didn’t Want Her Daughter To Do Tv Series 

Despite her career as an actress, Eliza’s mother did not want her daughter to become involved in acting when she was a teenager, although Frakes wanted to do so.

Some time ago, she explained the reason to Your Teen Mag,

I let her do local theater, and I let her take acting class with a very good teacher. I would let her do a guest spot for the experience. But I would never allow her to be on a TV series.

She added that being involved takes a teenager out of his normal living environment and peer group.

The Daytime Emmy Award winner’s concerns are very personal. She was only 14 years old when she joined the cast of General Hospital and was given a three-year contract for 52 weeks a year. Thus, Eliza’s mother missed most of her high school experience.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’s Parents Jonathan And Genie

Elise Frakes’ parents, Jonathan Frakes and Jenny Francis met in 1982 while filming the miniseries Bare Essence. They started dating in 1985. After a second meeting while filming another miniseries “North and South” in 1984.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes parents
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The couple got engaged in 1986. They tied the knot on 28 May 1988 and have been married ever since.

After their marriage, they became parents of two children: a son, Jameson Ivor Freke, born in 1994, and a daughter, Elizabeth Freke, born in 1997.

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Does Elizabeth Have A Boyfriend?

Elizabeth Francis Frakes has not yet revealed her personal affairs, especially when it comes to her romantic partner. The young lady has hardly gone to interviews to talk about family matters. Even less about who her boyfriend is.

What’s more, her locked Instagram handle also makes it a little difficult to conclude whether she has a love interest or not.

Her Father’s Jonathan Frakes Net Worth

The net worth of Elise’s father, actor and Harvard graduate Jonathan Frakes, is around at more than USD 25 million. The 6’3″ actor has made his fortune largely thanks to an acting career that dates back to the late 1970s.

Jonathan Frakes Net Worth
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And even though it has been decades since his breakthrough in the Star Trek franchise, Eliza’s father is still steadily gaining employment in the showbiz industry.

Someone who is equally wealthy in Elisa’s family is her actress mother, Jenny Frakes, whose fortune has to be close to 25 million dollars.

Other Facts 

Elizabeth Francis Frakes plays the ukulele fluently and speaks French (Parisian and Quebecois) and Irish.