A.J Green Biography, Who Is The Wife, Here Are Facts You Need To Know
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You wouldn’t have to search long to find out why almost all NFL wide receiver aspirants look up to A.J. Green. Bengal’s No. 18 has remained relevant since he joined the National Football League (NFL) in 2011, and he has wasted no time in proving his worth as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. On his NFL debut, A.J. scored a 41-yard touchdown catch that was immediately documented as the longest game-winning touchdown catch in the first game of a rookie in NFL history.

Green ended his rookie campaign very green, his stats letting him lead the Bengals in touchdowns (7) just as he broke the team’s record for most receive yards by a rookie. His 65 receptions and 1057 receptions were the best of all NFL rookies, A.J. had other good records to justify his name’s inclusion in the 2012 Pro Bowl. Since then, he has been successively nominated for the NFL’s All-Star Game, season after season from 2011 to 2017. Even in his 2016 campaign, where a hamstring injury brought his stats to a halt, A.J. Green was ranked 17th in the NFL’s top 100 players and was also nominated for the Pro Bowl.

A.J. Green’s many highlights and awards date back to his high school days when USA Today added him to the High School All-America Team list in 2007. The following year A.J. Green was honored as SEC Freshman of the Year. That same year and the next year (2008 and 2009), he made it to the All-SEC first team. That’s not all: in 2009 and 2010 A.J. made it to the first-team All-America; in 2012 and 2013 he also made it to the second-team All-Pro. Starting in 2017, the NFL statistics for the seven-time Pro Bowl star will show an impressive 14.8 yards per reception: 57 reception touchdowns, 556 receptions, and 8,213 reception yards.

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From A.J. Green’s biography to his family life to his career, here are the facts you should know about the Wide Receiver.

A.J Green Biography, Who Is The Wife, Here Are Facts You Need To Know
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A.J. Green Biography

It was in Summerville, South Carolina, and on July 31, 1988, A.J. Green was born as the son of his parents Woodrow and Dora. It is said that his father Woodrow was a truck driver and steelworker, while his mother worked as an employee at Walmart. A.J. is not his parents’ only child, he had an older brother named Avionce. Sadly, the family lost him in a car accident while he was attending a school carnival.

This boy has always been athletic, and his first interest was juggling. Even in elementary school, he was a member of the juggling team at his school. Interestingly, this is later accepted as one of the factors responsible for his excellent eye-hand coordination in American football.

A.J. was a student at Summerville High School, where he excelled in games, basketball, and athletics. However, he gave priority to football. Adriel Jeremiah has accomplished quite a lot during his high school career. Not only is he the only junior named in the USA Today All-State Team, but he has also been named four times in the All-State Elections by Associated Press.

When it came time for A.J. to graduate high school, he decided to pursue a college career with the Bulldogs at the University of Georgia. Starting in 2008, he played for the team for three seasons. After completing his college career with 23 touchdowns and 166 receptions over 2,619 yards, A.J. was considered one of the best wide receiver goals for NFL teams.

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As such, it was no surprise that the Bengalese voted him into the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, making him the fourth overall winner. In July 2011 he signed a four-year contract with the team worth $19.6 million. Time flew by, and in September 2015 he signed a four-year contract extension worth $60 million.

Who Is His Wife?

A.J Green Biography, Who Is The Wife, Here Are Facts You Need To Know

The 6 foot 4-inch wide receiver has been the husband of Miranda Brooke, his college sweetheart, since 2015. As the Green Brooke story tells, the two met for the first time on Facebook, where they got along for half a year. They fell more and more in love with each other and eventually planned a meeting that marked their beginning as lovers.

A.J. and Miranda became life partners on March 21, 2015. Their union was blessed with a son whom they named Easton Ace Green; he was born on September 21, 2016.