Why Did Lauren Bushnell End Her Relationship With Ben Higgins, Here Are The Facts

Why Did Lauren Bushnell End Her Relationship With Ben Higgins, Here Are The Facts
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Celebrities hurt us in many ways; if it has nothing to do with their love life, it may be a derogatory statement that is credited to them because it has been used on someone else; they also hurt us with certain choices they make when we feel differently. But all in all, they are still people like us and are obliged to do the things we don’t like them to do. Probably the most painful are their breaks in relationships with each other. Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins have hurt us in no small way in this respect.

What really happened between them is what many people have yet to discover. Here are all the facts there are to know about the relationship between Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins and why it broke.

Why Lauren Bushnell ended her relationship with Ben Higgins

Almost a year and a half after Ben Lauren proposed marriage during the shooting of the last season of The Bachelors, they broke off their relationship on May 15, 2017. In an interview granted by Ben etonline.com, he made several revelations about what caused the debacle of their once solid relationship. Surprisingly, it was not Lauren who broke up with him.

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After everything he said, it became pretty obvious that he was the partner who had pulled out of the relationship. In his opinion, he is a person who is so fixated on his “routines and consistencies” that for anyone who comes into the picture and changes the status quo, it means putting him on high alert and making him more reactionary.

He is also “too sensitive” to things that affect his relationship with the opposite sex. Ben announced that he had these thoughts in his head and asked him if the relationship he had with Lauren was real, or if it might be another case of someone not really liking him but just playing along until she finds another person who deserves her more. These thought patterns continued for a while, and he feared most of all that he would soon suffer lovesickness again, which the last one he left behind would leave him devastated, if not emotionally and mentally sick.

On this basis, Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins ended their relationship. It is possible that Lauren was hurt the most because as a partner she was in love with someone who doubted everything she felt for him. Ben has continued his career since then and seems to be very happy about the awards his work has received. He has revealed that although he is behind schedule in his marriage, he does not feel pressured to move on to another relationship or to get married.

Why Did Lauren Bushnell End Her Relationship With Ben Higgins, Here Are The Facts
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Here are The Facts of the Breakup

  • The marriage plans that never worked out

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins, before their separation, had indicated to viewers of their show Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? in one episode of the show an impending discontinuity in their relationship. Ben revealed his concern about their impending marriage than he found it difficult to focus on getting married at that time. He made it clear to Lauren that he felt they should slow things down and understand each other. Lauren agreed, and they continued to date while taking the marriage out of their immediate future.

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  • Breakup announcement

From not marrying in their immediate plan to jointly announcing their separation, we were shocked by the news, even when we hoped it was not real. In the statement they released, they said that they are happy to have spent time together and that they will continue to be friends in love and respect for each other.

  • Lauren’s engagement ring

After the announcement of their separation, people were eager to see Lauren and especially to have a look at her finger, I think you know what they were looking for. Pictures of her vacation in Mexico appeared online, and it was at the same time as her birthday. Her engagement ring was nowhere to be seen on her finger, and this finally confirmed those who still doubted that Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins were no longer together.

  • Lauren’s Instagram

Before her separation from Ben, Laurens’s Instagram bio read that she was Ben’s fiancée, but after that, her Instagram bio now only lists her business contacts.

  • They had problems

Contrary to what many people thought was the norm in the relationship between Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins, they had problems at times and mostly did not get along with each other. On top of that, Ben Jojo Fletcher, another participant in the show, had told another person that he loved her. Lauren felt blindfolded and was not at all happy about it.