Who Is Sarah Jade – Dave Bautista’s Wife? 5 facts You Need To Know

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Sarah Jade is a remarkable woman who was born on December 12, 1987, in the city of Tampa Florida. She has achieved great success throughout her life and has made many significant contributions to society. Sarah Jade is an inspiring leader and role model for young people everywhere due to her hard work ethic passion for helping others and dedication to making positive change in the world.

Her story deserves recognition as she continues to make a difference through her endeavors – from providing aid during natural disasters around the globe; launching initiatives that promote education access; advocating for social justice reforms; or simply lending an ear when someone needs it most – she truly embodies what it means to be a resilient yet compassionate human being with no limits!

Sarah Jade Early Life & Family

Sarah Jane was born in Tampa Florida on December 12, 1987. Although little is known about her family and upbringing it has been established that she hails from the area for over two decades.

Jade’s upbringing was a typical one for the middle class as she had no siblings and her family did not have any experience with pole dancing. Nevertheless, this did not stop Jade from pursuing her passion for dance and making it a successful career.

In the interim, she began viewing recordings of renowned pole dancers like Alethea Austin and Karol Helms.

Motivated by her admiration of the stars she took up pole dancing as a hobby. She purchased a pole from an online store and taught herself through watching YouTube tutorials. As time went on she developed her skills and grew more passionate about this art form.

Despite having a passion for her hobbies Sarah never let them interfere with her education. She attended the University of South Florida and majored in sociology graduating cum laude in 2011. Her dedication to both academics and personal interests allowed her to achieve great success.

Sarah Jade Net Worth

As of 2022, Sarah’s financial success has resulted in a net worth exceeding $11 million. Her impressive accomplishments as a pole dancer are the primary source of her income.

Her institute has been an incredibly successful venture and is unlike any other. It stands out in its field for its unique offerings and achievements.

Sarah has been expanding her portfolio of work by taking on brand endorsement projects. She is currently the face of ‘Bad Kitty’ and this collaboration has helped to increase her net worth significantly.

This brand offers a wide selection of apparel accessories, and other items essential for pole dance. From shoes to costumes and everything in between this company has all the essentials you need to express yourself through movement.

The talented celebrity is also a face of Grata Designs a fitness clothing brand and Nightshade designs, a pole dancing shoe wear brand. She has been associated with these two brands for some time now and her endorsement continues to bring in positive results for both companies.

Facts You Need To Know About Sarah Jade

She is a professional pole dancer.

At the age of 18, Sarah, while working as a bartender met girls dancing in a strip club and having fun watching them. Soon she came across YouTube videos of popular dancers Karol Helms and Alethea Austin and the love for polar dance began to grow in her. With her passion she got a stick from an online store, learned to dance the stick, and did it for 2 years as a hobby. For two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013, Sarah competed in the Florida Pole Fitness Championship as part of the Pro-Division and was the “most athletic” on both occasions.

Who Is Sarah Jade – Dave Bautista’s Wife? 5 facts You Need To Know

Her success stimulated the beginning of a career as a pole dance teacher and Buttercup Pole Dance was born the same year (2011). She has devoted all her time and energy to full-time dance classes and teaching traveling throughout the United States and sharing her knowledge with other passionate learners. Her workshops were a slinky style emphasis that quickly became her signature in pole dancing.

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In 2016, Sarah was named Miss Pole Dance America. Other notable achievements include participating in events such as the Florida Pole and Aerial Arts Showcase (2011-2016), Pole For A Purpose (2011-2017), Nude Nite Aerialist (2015-2017), and USPDF Amateur nationals (2011-2012). As we learned of her success it was not surprising that she became the Bad Kitty brand’s ambassador. She is also the lady of the night of Nightshade Designs and the athlete of X Pole USA. In case you haven’t heard Sarah has a website called sarahjadepoledancer.com. Here you can find her schedule of some kind and also there is a whole blog segment dedicated to the dancer’s insight into her work as a dancer.

She is the third wife of Batista, the legendary wrestler

sarah jade dave bautista
Sarah Jade and Dave Bautista Image source

Sarah Jade is married to Dave Bautista an American actor martial artist professional wrestler and bodybuilder. Bautista is popularly known as Batista in the wrestling world. He was signed as part of the WWE where he won the world championship 6 times. When they started dating their relationship raised some sparks in some circles because of the huge age difference between them. Age is just a number they say but does 20 years count as just a number?

Who Is Sarah Jade – Dave Bautista’s Wife? 5 facts You Need To Know

Dave and Sarah tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with lots of splendor and white flowers in October 2015. Sarah is the third wife of Batista who was married to Glenda Bautista for 8 years (1990-1998) and Angie Bautista for another 8 years (1998-2006). She is the mother-in-law of two charming daughters Athena and Keilani the wrestler’s daughters and the only children of Glenda his first wife. Even Sarah has no children from Dave yet in August 2018. She is, however, a grandmother in a sense like Keilani Batista’s first daughter has two twin sons called Jacob and Aiden.

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Sarah’s Figure Is Quite A Killer

Sarah Jade is fortunate to have an amazing figure that she has kept in shape all these years. As usual in her work, she dances a lot in bikinis and thin clothes leaving her shape to the spell of enchanting men and envious women. The model dancer also seems to be a lover of the tattoo she has some on the side of her belly and on both her arms. Tattoos are mostly composed of roses and other beautiful and intriguing roses.

Sarah Jade

Her Social Media Presence

The Lady of Sagittarius is not left behind in the frenzy of social media only that she is locked in her private accounts. All pages with the exception of her Facebook page are locked and kept out of the public eye. This is actually a good measure considering the many men (and women) who will undoubtedly want to have a thing or two to say to the hot pole dancer who twists her hips too easily as a profession.

She Has A College Degree

Yes, you heard me Sarah Jade didn’t just go to college she did it with brio. She studied at the University of South Florida and in 2011 she graduated with honors in sociology.

Quick Facts

Full NameSarah Jade
Nick NameN/A
Birth DateDecember 12, 1987
Age35 years old
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Birth PlaceTampa, Florida
Home TownTampa, Florida
ResidentTampa, Florida
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s NameN/A
High School N/A
CollegeAt the University of South Florida, a Sociology major
Height5’3″/160 cm (1.61m)
Weight55 kg (121lb)
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe SizeN/A
Married2015 – Dave Bautista, now separated
PartnerYes, Unknown
ProfessionPole Dancer, Entrepreneur
CollegeThe University of Florida
Awards2012 December
Net Worth$11 MILLION
Related toButtercup Pole Dance
Notable TitlesMiss Pole Dance 2016
Social MediaInstagramFacebookTwitter
WebsiteSarah Jade Pole Dancer
Merch Bautista Unleashed (WWE), Funko Pop
Last UpdateJanuary, 2023