Who Was Brian Paddick Husband Petter Belsvik? Obituary & Cause Of Death

The news of Petter Belsvik’s death who was Brian Paddick’s husband is spreading widely on the internet. Many people want to know more about him.

Brian Leonard Paddick used to be a police officer and now he is a politician. He is in the House of Lords and got his seat there because he is a life peer.

Brian Leonard Paddick was a candidate for the Liberal Democrat party in the London mayoral elections in 2008 and 2012. He started working for the Metropolitan Police Service in 1976.

Many people know Brian Leonard Paddick because of his work as a police officer and he has many fans and followers.

Because Brian Leonard Paddick has many followers they have been reading his recent post about his husband. If you want to learn more about his husband keep reading!

Who Was Brian Paddick Husband Petter Belsvik?

Petter Belsvik became famous when he married Brian who is a politician. The politician talked about their first meeting in an interview.

The couple had been together for a while. They first met at a bar in Ibiza and then they got to know each other. They got married in Norway in 2009.

During an interview, Brian said, “I had a great time when I met Petter while on vacation in Ibiza.”

Who Was Brian Paddick Husband Petter Belsvik? Obituary & Cause Of Death

We got along well but it was already my last day in Ibiza and we had only spent 24 hours together. As we said goodbye I thought our brief meeting was over.

Belsvik was a civil engineer from Oslo and Brian said he was very smart. The couple had a great relationship and they liked to take pictures together while traveling or celebrating holidays.

Belsvik and Paddick were an inspiration to many young couples. They supported the LGBTQ community and they talked about their own experiences of being openly gay.

Petter Belsvik Obituary & Cause Of Death

Brian who is a member of the Liberal Democrat party shared on social media that his husband Petter Belsvik passed away at their home in Oslo Norway. He said Petter passed away peacefully on his own.

On Monday morning Brian told his 14300 followers on Twitter that Petter had passed away. He didn’t say why he died in his post.

Brian said “We don’t know what happened yet. We loved each other very much and I am really sad.”

Brian who is a politician said that they found Petter alone and peaceful. He said they were very devoted to each other. Brian also said he was really sad and it would take some time to figure out what happened.

Who Was Brian Paddick Husband Petter Belsvik? Obituary & Cause Of Death

Lots of people offered their condolences and prayers after Brian announced Petter’s death on Twitter. People were surprised to hear the news.

Kay Burley a broadcaster wrote a message to Brian. She said she was really sad and thinking of him. Kay also told him to stay strong.

Lord Bethell a Conservative politician expressed his condolences to Brian Paddick after hearing the tragic news on Twitter.

Danny Shaw a journalist expressed his sympathy to Brian and said that he was sorry to hear the news and that it was a terrible shock.

We hope to learn more about why Petter Belsvik the civil engineer passed away soon.

The politician is going through a tough time so he needs some space. It’s important that we give him privacy and wait to find out why his husband passed away.