Yuri Alvear’s Spouse

Who Is Yuri Alvear’s Spouse – Yuri Alvear Orejuela was born on March 29, 1986, which means she is currently 36 years old. She is a talented athlete who excels in a sport called judo. She has achieved great success by winning the World Championship three times in her weight category. Yuri was born in a town called Jamundi, which is close to the city of Cali in Colombia. Her dad works in construction and her mom takes care of their house. Yuri also has a brother named Harvey.

Yuri Alvear was really good at many sports since she was young. She played water polo, volleyball, and handball, and ran in track and field. One day, when she was 14 years old, a judo coach named Ruperto Guauna was searching for a girl to join the judo team at the Litecom school. Yuri was chosen, and that’s how she started doing judo.

Yuri Alvear began learning judo when she was older, but because she was already fit for playing other sports, she only had to learn the specific moves for judo. She is good friends with another judoka from Colombia named Annie Cortez and they practice together. Yuri also won a bronze medal for the under 57 kg category in the 2006 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Yuri Alvear went to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing to compete in judo. She finished 7th place because she lost to Anaysi Hernandez from Cuba in the main round and also lost a very close match to Leire Iglesias from Spain in the second round. Unfortunately, these losses prevented her from having a chance to win a medal.

What is Yuri Alvear’s relationship status?

Yuri Alvear is not dating anyone right now and we don’t know if she had a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past. There is no information about her getting married before either.

Yuri Alvear is not married yet because she is concentrating on her career at the moment. So, we can’t talk about her spouse for now. We will wait until she gets married.