Rico Nasty Bio, Age, Son, Net Worth, Facts About The Rapper

Rico Nasty Bio, Age, Son, Net Worth, Facts About The Rapper
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Being successful in the entertainment industry can be a lengthy and challenging process, but with the right combination of hard work and talent, it is an achievable prospect. Considering her fame and success in the music industry, it is clear that Rico Nasty is not only talented but that she has done the necessary work to achieve this goal.

The American rapper is one of the new generations of musicians currently making their mark on the industry, and so fans and media alike are curious to learn all there is to know about Rico Nasty. Read on to learn more about her biography, her financial situation, her personal lie, and interesting facts about the rapper.

Rico Nasty Bio (Age)

The world may know her as Rico Nasty, but her birth name is actually Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly. The American musician was born on May 7, 1997, in New York City. While details about her early life are relatively sparse, it is publicly known that she was born to a black father and a Puerto Rican mother, which makes her a mixed ethnic group.

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Although born in New York City, Rico Nasty, who is an only child, grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Given the fact that her father is also a rapper, she was exposed to rap music from an early age. It wasn’t long before the little child began to pick up the nuances of her father’s rapping. She also grew up with an appreciation for music in general, listening to Jill Scott, Jay-Z, Bob Marley, Beyoncé, and Nas from a very young age. Undoubtedly, all of these had a positive influence on the musician.

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Rico and her mother later moved to the Palmer Park area of Maryland when she was just eleven years old. When the musician was in the 6th grade, her parents enrolled her in a boarding school in Baltimore; shortly thereafter, that same year, they divorced. However, the school did not suit the American rapper well, as she was expelled from school when she and another student were caught in possession of marijuana. She then returned to Maryland and began attending a public school where she started making music. As we now know, her interest in music eventually developed into a full-fledged career.

Rico Nasty Net Worth

Although Rico Nasty has been in the entertainment industry since 2014, it is only now that she is receiving worldwide recognition for her music and hard work. As a result, her total assets are expected to increase significantly in the coming years as her career continues to grow. At the moment, however, the New York native Rico Nasty has a net worth a modest $150,000. This amount is the crowning glory of the profits she has made from her released singles, EPs, albums, and tours – both as headliners and support act. Considering her promising career path, one can safely say that Rico Nasty is doing well.


Rico Nasty is many things – she is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter; she is also a mother. The rapper gave birth to her first child, a son named Cameron when she was eighteen years old. Sadly, the father of her son, Brandon, died of an asthma attack. She wrote a song called Brandon about him; the song was included in her album Tales of Tacobella.

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Facts About The Rapper

Rico Nasty could be heard in the song Tia Tamera by Doja Cat. The song, which was released for digital download and streaming on January 31, 2019, was a critical and commercial hit.

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-As already mentioned, Rico Nasty started rapping in high school. Eager to show off her talent, she released her first mixtape, Summer’s Eve, when she was still in the eleventh grade.

As a celebrity in modern times, it is not surprising that the rapper is active on social media. Due to her fame, Rico Nasty has gained an impressive number of fans and followers on her various social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter.

Rico Nasty was responsible for the Sugar Trap Tour in 2017 and the Nasty Tour in 2018. In 2019 she was one of the opening acts at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This annual festival, which is indisputably one of the largest and most recognized music festivals in the world and has been invited as a support act, is clear proof of her talent.