Who Is Mischa Barton Dating? Her Boyfriend, Husband And Net Worth
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In the world of celebrity dating, no one seems to have been doing as well as Mischa Barton since her new suitor called. In the past, she has been known to date a long list of well-deserving guys, good at what they do, an impressive list of professional successes, and a brighter future ahead for each and every one of them. In case you don’t have a precise answer to the frequently asked question, who is Mischa Barton with? Here you can find out all about it, and you also know who she has been dating in the past.

Who Is Mischa Barton Dating?

Mischa has got herself a gorgeous Aussie, who is a model, millionaire, and heir to a fortune of over 574 million dollars. His name is James Abercrombie, the son of Andrew Abercrombie, a former treasurer of the Victorian Liberal Party.

The two are said to have met in May 2017 at a party in Los Angeles, where they found each other sympathetic. A trip to France followed next, and the couple became much more serious with each other. Since then there have been many reports of seeing Mischa Barton and James Abercombie together as a couple in public places. To support this, Abercrombie’s modeling agency, Bucknall Management/FMR Model Management, confirmed that the two celebrities are together.

Mischa Barton Dating History: Her Ex-boyfriends

In the past, Mischa Barton’s dating history has included people like Brandon Jack James (2004 – 2005), then Cisco Adler (2005 – 2007), before she had a series of relationships with Jamie Dornan, Brandon Silverfield, and Taylor Locke, all in 2007, and her relationship with Taylor extended into 2008 before they separated to allow Luke Pritchard to take first place in her life. With Luke, not everything went as perfectly and smoothly as one would expect.

She dated Josh Hartnett and Tom Wright in 2008, all in 2008, but there was a rumor in 2008 that Mischa was involved with Brett Simon, but nothing of value came out of that rumor.

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By 2010, the question of who Mischa Barton was dating was answered with a resounding mention of Ali Love. But once again, not even the man named Love could keep Mischa’s heart all to himself and love her, as she was once again going through a separation.

Mischa Barton was together with Sebastian Knapp from 2012 to 2013, before the former lovers separated. After Knapp came Andrea Iervolino and Alan Cappelli Goetz, both in 2014, and noteworthy on Mischa Barton’s dating list are Jon Zacharias and Adam Shaw, who caused her more pain than worry.

The actress was the victim of a “revenge porn” video and pictures are allegedly taken by one of her ex-boyfriends who boasted of having the explicit content after their separation. He allegedly offered the video for $500,000 to porn sites for sale, which really upset the actress when the press brought the story.

Mischa revealed that she always felt safe in her relationships and never thought that someone she once shared her love life with would go so far. But she would have been ashamed of a court order that she obtained and which prevented the ex from distributing the pornographic content.

The sex tape is said to have contained pictures of Mischa Barton and a man in a black hooded sweater. Accused of intending to sell the video and the pictures, her ex was Jon Zacharias and Adam Shaw, a friend of the ex, with whom she allegedly was also dating.

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Mischa Barton is not yet married, but she has had a long list of boys she has dated and had encounters with. She is currently at peace with her new admirer James Abercombie, and everything seems to be going perfectly for them.

Given the young man’s fortune of more than 574 million dollars, some people initially thought she was a “gold digger” when their relationship began, but when you see how far it has come and what she has gone through to finally find comfort in the arms of James, we can’t help but agree that this is pure love between them. We hope that when the time is right, the two of them will take the walk to the altar as man and wife.

Net Worth

Mischa Barton, who has built her career as a stage, film, and television actress over the years, has a net worth of $3 million.