Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

Of course, celebrities are also human beings, they also have siblings and occasionally this pair of siblings happens to be a twin. This actor has ascribed his twin a positive influence in his life more than once, he even ascribed to his brother that he taught him how to love. It’s only fair that we watch Ashton Kutcher’s twin, Michael.

Ashton has dominated our screens for quite some time, but what some of you may not know is that there’s another Kutcher and he happens to be the star’s twin brother. He gets his fair share of attention, but today we want to give him all our attention so that we can understand the bond between the brothers as a whole.

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Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother

His name is Michael Kutcher and of course, he was also born on 7 February 1978. The fact that they are fraternal twins is not the only thing that makes it easy for the boys to distinguish themselves, but Michael developed cerebral palsy (a disability that mainly affects motor skills) and cardiomyopathy (heart and muscle disorders), and he even needed a heart transplant during his teenage years: all of which kept the brothers closer than ever.

Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

We are twins… and I consider him my best friend,” Ashton said. The star even attended the University of Iowa and studied biochemistry, driven by the need to find a cure for Michael’s heart disease, before participating in the That 70’s show.Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

It was a turbulent journey for Michael since birth, while Ashton weighed 10.5 pounds at birth, while Michael was only 4 pounds. When Mike told the stories about the circumstances of his birth, he remembered that “the doctor told my parents that maybe he should be called and baptized. Maybe he won’t survive.” Well, 39 years later, he’s still kicking.Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

According to Ashton Kutcher’s twin, his case is not even on the strict side according to medicine, but what he went through sounds as strict as possible to us. His gait is impaired and so is his language, and he also has trouble doing physical work with his right side. That’s not all, he is 80 percent deaf in his left ear and has had two cataract surgeries.Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

That’s quite a weight for only one man, but he has asserted himself and taken it like a champion. However, he is human, so some days are better than others. He quoted an example and remembered when Ashton and he were still children in primary school.Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

They shot basketball, followed each other’s shots and Ashton made a shot called “right hand. When Mike left and already realized that he couldn’t take the shot, his twin told him, “You can do anything you want. I can’t do that shot for you. Mama isn’t here; she can’t do it for you. It’s your challenge. Stop using your disability as a crutch. That’s your obstacle.”

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Well, he didn’t take the shot when he tried, but he kept those words in mind all those years and they carried him through some pretty intense circumstances. Today Michael is not just Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother, he decided a long time ago that that wasn’t all he could be. Today he is the spokesman for Reaching for the Stars, an organization dedicated to helping children with cerebral palsy.Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

He has definitely made a name for himself as a voice for people who live with cerebral palsy everywhere. That’s all we have about Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother or, as he is rightly called, Michael Kutcher.

Quick Facts About Ashton Kutcher

Date of Birth:7 February 1978
 Age:42 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
 Height:6 Feet 2 Inch
NameAshton Kutcher
Birth NameChristopher Ashton Kutcher
FatherLarry M. Kutcher
MotherDiane Finnegan Kutcher
Birth Place/CityCedar Rapids, Iowa
Net Worth$ 140 million
Eye ColorDark-Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Weight in KG80 KG
Married toMila Kunis (m. 2015), Demi Moore (m. 2005)
ChildrenWyatt Isabelle Kutcher
DivorceDemi Moore (m. 2013)
EducationUniversity of Iowa
AwardsTeen Choice Special Award
MoviesJobs 2013
TV ShowThat ’70s Show 1998 – 2006
SiblingsMichael Kutcher, Tausha Kutcher