Who Is Kirsten Kutner? Everything About Greg Norman’s Wife
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Kirsten Kutner is an interior designer best known as the wife of Greg Norman, an Australian businessman and retired professional golfer who was ranked No 1 in the world’s officials during the 1980s and 1990s, it was featured in the Golf Rankings for 331 weeks. Kutner is also the wife of a man who has won 89 professional tournaments, including 20 PGA Tour events and two majors: the Open Championships in 1986 and 1993.

Individually, Kirsten is distinguished by luxurious interiors and architecture that are of a high standard, of expected quality, culturally appropriate, timelessly chic, irresistibly inviting, and creatively inspiring.

Find out more about her in the following sections; revisit her upbringing, her current life, her relationship with Greg, and what the couple is doing now.

Kirsten Kutner Is Partly Filipino; Grew Up Mostly In Australia 

Greg Norman’s wife, interior designer Kirsten Kutner, was born in May 1968. The current Mrs. Norman grew up in the northern suburbs of Sydney and has also lived in Bangkok and the USA.

She is of German/Filipino descent and has been a world traveler since childhood. Ms. Kutner’s mother Margaret and aunt Geraldine are from the Philippines. She also has a younger sister.

Who Is Kirsten Kutner? Everything About Greg Norman’s Wife
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Now 53 years old, she once revealed that she has been designing in the five-star hospitality industry for more than twenty years. Kirsten also says that she has gathered inspiration and ideas from her extensive and exotic travels. During her lifetime she has traveled all over the world, living in countries such as Thailand, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, the USA, Switzerland, and the UK.

Kutner is currently the founder of Norman Design Group.

Is Kutner Australian?

Kirsten could certainly be Australian in terms of citizenship, as she is the legal wife of one of the country’s biggest stars. Although whether she was born in Oceania is quite a mystery.

Moreover, as she has traveled extensively around the world, it is equally difficult to say whether she is Australian by birth.

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Kirsten Kutner’s Relationship With Her Former-Golfer Husband Greg Norman

Kirsten married former world number one Norman on Sunday, November 2010 in a secret Caribbean ceremony on Necker Island, the British Virgin Island of billionaire Richard Branson.

It was Greg’s third marriage and Kutner’s second. Norman said sometime after the wedding that it was a barefoot ceremony on a beach on a private island with a small group of family and friends.

The Queensland-born golfer told New Idea magazine that everyone was barefoot and dressed in white. Speaking about his wife at the wedding, the World Golf Hall of Fame player said,

“To me, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She looked stunning.”

And of his wife, Kirsten, the designer said: “I feel very proud to be by Greg’s side, to take his name and support him in any way I can.”

Interior designer Kutner called Norman “the great love of my life” and said she is “definitely the luckiest woman on earth”.

Kutner is 14 years younger than Norman.

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Norman went public with his relationship with Kutner less than six months after divorcing his second wife, Evert. The winner of two major golf tournaments had asked Kirsten to marry him in early 2010 and had announced it a month before the wedding.

Greg proposed to Kutner with a six-carat diamond ring. Norman apparently popped the question as he and Kirsten stood in the kitchen chatting about their day.

“One minute we were having a day-to-day conversation and the next moment, all of a sudden, everything changed — our lives changed. It was perfect,”

Norman reported.

Where Did Kirsten And Greg Meet Each Other?

The designer and the golfer were apparently also each other’s long-time friends. Norman and Kutner had been friends before but met again 14 years later in Cairo. They had originally met at a golf tournament.

However, Kirsten had no interest in the sport. She was there because her parents worked for the company that sponsored the event at which Norman was playing, so she attended with them. However, that was it, and after that first meeting, the couple went their separate ways and did not meet again for another 14 years.

Who Is Kirsten Kutner? Everything About Greg Norman’s Wife

Their second meeting took place in Cairo, where they worked on their own projects. Greg was building a golf course as part of his golf and lifestyle business, which had grown considerably since he first met Kutner.

And Ms. Norman completed the interior design of the Fairmont Towers Hotel.

They then began to develop their relationship. Although some say they started dating in the early 1990s when Greg was still the husband of his first wife, Laura Andrassy. For many years after their marriage, Kirsten Kutner and Greg Norman lived in Hobe Sound, Florida.

Before Kirsten Kutner, Greg Norman Was Married To A Flight Attendant And A Tennis Player

Prior to Kutner, Norman was married to tennis player Chris Evert. Before that, he was married to another woman, Laura Andrasi, who was a flight attendant.

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Norman was with his first wife Andrassy for 25 years; they married in 1981 and separated in 2007.

The 20-time PGA Tour winner filed for divorce from Andrassy in 2006. A legal battle lasted almost two years before Norman and Laura reached an agreement under which the former received $103 million.

Andrassy and Norman have two grown-up children, a son Greg and a daughter Morgan. After Laura, Greg married Chris Evert, a former American tennis star, in 2008. However, they also parted ways just 15 months after their luxurious wedding in the Bahamas.

The two quickly parted ways in Key West in December 2009. Less than six months after divorcing Evert, Norman went public about his relationship with his current wife Kutner.

The Telegraph reported that Norman’s first wife, Andrassy, was somewhat shocked to hear the news of the 14-time European Tour winner and Kutner’s secret wedding.

Kirsten Too Has Two Daughters From Her Former Marriage

As for Kirsten, she used to be the wife of senior financier Nils Kutner, who was once reported to be operating from Zurich.

At the time of Kutner’s marriage to Norman, he was a senior executive at the Bank of New York Mellon, a global asset management company.

Who Is Kirsten Kutner? Everything About Greg Norman’s Wife

Kirsten also has two daughters, Kaija and Kelly, from her marriage to ex-husband Neil, whose photos she occasionally shares on Instagram.

Kutner and her first husband were married in July 2000, while some report that they had been husband and wife since the 1990s. The latter apparently did not take the news of his ex-wife and Norman’s marriage very well.

Did Kirsten Kutner And Greg Norman Have An Affair?  

Although Norman and Kirsten’s marriage took place shortly after the former’s divorce from Evert, and well after his divorce from his first wife, Laura. However, in an interview, Laura claimed that when the former Japanese Tour winner married Kirsten in 2010, he married more than just a girlfriend.

That was in 1995. The Australian golfer had been married to Andrassy for 14 years. Greg then slowly started talking to Kirsten from his multimillion-dollar Florida suburban mansion.

Norman spoke to this woman in secret, and this lady was none other than Kirsten herself. Apparently, the two had been in contact since they first met at a golf tournament two years earlier.

Laura only spoke about this relationship between Norman and his current wife after their marriage in 2010.

It also emerged that Andrássy’s decision not to talk about it at first was due to the terms of the divorce settlement. It was the terms that she and her ex-husband had signed.

“There is a lot to the story. It does have something to do with me, but it doesn’t have anything to do with me anymore – and I’ve moved on,”

In May 2010, Andrassy told Woman’s Day Australia magazine.

How Did Laura Know About Greg And Kristen’s Affair?

In general, Laura claimed that the problems in her and Greg’s marriage began when she overheard him arranging an illicit meeting with Kirsten in 1995.

When they were having one of their secret conversations, Laura accidentally intercepted a phone call to their palazzo one day. According to an insider, the 1986 Open winner and Kirsten, who was in her early twenties at the time, had been dating for at least two years.

The source said that all was revealed when Andrashi picked up the receiver of the phone and overheard their conversation about the meeting.

After Laura confronted Greg about it. After the confrontation, he allegedly agreed to end his relationship with Kirsten to save his marriage because, as a parent, he thought it was the right thing to do.

The former couple worked for years to repair the damage caused by Greg’s affair. However, in May 2006 they announced that they would divorce.

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What Is Kirsten Kutner’s Net Worth?

Although Kirsten Kutner’s net worth is questionable, it is clear that Kirsten Kutner is a woman of wealth and luxury.

Kutner has been as busy as her husband for decades. This is mainly because she is involved in her husband’s multimillion-dollar company and has her own interior design projects.

Her clients include the Palm House Hotel in Palm Beach, the HBA in London, and others. Apparently, she is also quite heavily involved in her partner’s business. Not to mention the fact that his own company has an empire worth more than $400 million and a net worth of about the same.

Greg is active in a number of sectors such as course design, clothing, wine, hospitality, sports marketing, and real estate.

In addition to being Greg Norman’s wife, Kutner is also the head of his clothing line. Through her husband, she is also involved in eyewear, golf course design, residential construction, and premium beef production.
to Australian wines.

In addition, the couple jointly owns several luxury properties, including a golf course on a luxury estate in western Cairo. Speaking of which, the couple also once owned a $77 million home in Florida, a $52 million ranch in Colorado, and another house on Jupiter Island beach worth around $60 million.

To get a glimpse of what Kutner gets out of her work, it would be better to remember her renovations on one of her husband’s mansions. This resident later went on the market for a whopping sum of $68 million.

More Facts about Kirsten Kutner

Name Kristen Kutner
Nick Name Kristen
Profession Meteorologist
Date of Birth May 7, 1968
Place Of Birth Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Family Father –
Mother – Margaret
Relationship Status Married
Wife/Husband Neal Kutner,
Greg Norman 6th Nov 2010 – now
Children Kaya Kutner (Born On October 27, 2004) and Kelly Kutner (Born on August 22, 2007)
Schooling Not Known
College Not Known
Education Qualifications Not Known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net Worth $700k Approx