What Happened To Paul McCartney’s Daughter Beatrice McCartney? Untold Facts
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Beatrice McCartney is the star child who rose to fame as the daughter of celebrities Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. She is not only a celebrity child but also a saxophonist and a budding marine biologist.

As a single child, Beatrice received all the love and attention of her parents. Unfortunately, her parents divorced soon after she was born, which led to a complete change in her lifestyle. What has her life been like since her parent’s divorce? What does she do for a living? Is she seeing a boyfriend?

Here we find out all about Paul McCartney’s daughter Beatrice McCartney.

Beatrice McCartney Is The Daughter Of Paul McCartney

Born Beatrice Milly McCartney on October 28, 2003, in London, England. She is currently 18 years old and will turn 19 this October. As mentioned above, she is the daughter of her father, Paul McCartney, and her mother, Heather Mills.

What Happened To Paul McCartney’s Daughter Beatrice McCartney? Untold Facts
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Despite being born into a celebrity family, she has grown up as an ordinary British child. In fact, her parents mostly kept her out of the limelight throughout her growing-up years.

Her Education

Beatrice graduated from Cambridge University. She entered the University in 2016 and graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts – In history.

She Was Named After Her Grandmother

Beatrice McCartney was named after the dearest people in her parents’ lives. Her first name is after her grandmother Beatrice and her middle name is after her paternal aunt Millie. In addition, her name Beatrice is a French word meaning ‘that which brings happiness.

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Beatrice McCartney’s Siblings

Although Beatrice is the only child of her mother and father, she has other half-siblings. They are from her father and his first wife, the late Linda Eastman.

 What Happened To Paul McCartney’s Daughter Beatrice McCartney? Untold Facts
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She has two half-sisters, Mary McCartney, a photographer, and Stella McCartney, who works as a fashion designer. She also has a half-brother, James McCartney, a professional musician, and songwriter.

Both Beatrice’s Mom And Dad Are Celebrities; When Did They Marry?

As we mentioned earlier, Beatrice was born to Hollywood stars Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Her father is an English singer, songwriter, and musician. Paul rose to fame as co-vocalist, co-songwriter, and bass guitarist for The Beatles. Her mother is a former English model, businesswoman, and activist.

Like most couples, McCartney’s parents dated for some time before marrying. The former couple met on 20 May 1999 at the Dorchester Hotel during the Pride of Britain Awards.

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Paul and Heather started dating in 2000. Beatrice’s dad subsequently got engaged to Beatrice’s mum on 23 July 2001, giving her a diamond and sapphire ring worth $15 000. The former duo eventually walked down the aisle two years later, on 11 June 2002. Then, in 2003, the former lovebirds welcomed their only daughter, Beatrice McCartney, a year later.

Beatrice McCartney’s Parents Were Only Married For Four Years

Despite the former couple’s love, their marriage could not last more than four years. Paul and Heather separated on 17 May 2006. The Beatle’s ex-wife said that the reason for the divorce was her ex-husband’s daughter Stella. She even called her “evil” and “jealous”.

Heather further stated,

“Stella wasn’t interested in her dad’s happiness. Every single week Stella tried to break up our marriage.”

According to Mills, her ex-husband was a frequent drinker and smoker of cannabis. He even hit her with a broken wine glass and pushed her into the bath when she was pregnant.

The case of the ex-husband and wife was heard in the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Mills had filed a claim for £125 million but was offered only £15.8 million. The divorce was finalized on 17 March 2008 after a six-day hearing and she was awarded £24.3 million.

Does Paul McCartney Have Custody Of His Daughter Beatrice?

Yes, Paul also has custody of his daughter as the court awarded them joint custody of the child. However, under the terms and conditions of the court, Paul McCartney had to pay for the child’s nanny and school fees.

What Happened To Paul McCartney’s Daughter Beatrice McCartney? Untold Facts

He was also required to pay Beatrice £35 000 a year until she completed her secondary education.

Who Does Beatrice McCartney Live With?

Despite having joint custody of their child, Beatrice lives with her mum, Heather Mills. Beatrice currently lives in Robertsbridge, East Sussex after her mother took her there following her divorce from her retired husband.

Despite this, she occasionally sees her father and spends time with him. However, she is close to her mother, Heather Mills.

What Does Beatrice McCartney Do?

Beatrice is currently an editorial assistant at Edward Elgar Publishing. Prior to that, she worked for a year – from March 2020 to June 2021 – as an editorial assistant in the same organization.

She has also worked as a tutor at MyTutor.co.uk, co-editor at the Society for International Development at the University of Cambridge, and deputy news editor. In addition, Beatrice has interned at Come On Out- Japan and Sheldrake Press.

Accordingly, she is also a saxophonist who has mastered the saxophone. It is not surprising that a teenager should have an interest in music, as her father was a great musician.

Apart From Saxophonist, Beatrice Is Also A Possible Marine Biologist

As we have already mentioned, Beatrice learned to play the saxophone at an early age. However, she has no intention of adopting the celebrity lifestyle, as she is not a big fan. Her mother once mentioned that her daughter would also take music lessons and that she was a “gifted poet”.

On the contrary, she has become more interested in becoming a marine biologist than in pursuing a career in music. Her parents are very supportive and are willing to let her choose her own career.

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Is Beatrice Dating A Boyfriend?

Well, as a child of celebrities, not only her professional life but also her love life has been an object of curiosity. In fact, the question of whether she is involved in a romantic relationship has been constantly raised.

So, as far as the media are aware, she is not seeing a boyfriend and is currently single. Moreover, the 18-year-old singer has not been reported to be in a relationship before either.

What Is The Net Worth Of Beatrice McCartney?

Although Beatrice is only a teenager, she deserves the same. She earns millions and has a net worth of $2 million.

On the other hand, her father is a billionaire whose fortune is currently $1.2 billion. Her mother, Heather Mills, is also a multi-millionaire with a total fortune of USD 40 million. The child star, although not much in the media, undoubtedly lives a lavish life.

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Beatrice McCartney’s Social Media

The celebrity child is not active on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, she has an account on LinkedIn and Twitter.

On Twitter, she uses @Bea_McC, while on LinkedIn she goes by the name Beatrice McCartney.

Quick Facts About Beatrice McCartney

Full Name: Beatrice Milly McCartney
Born Date: 28 Oct 2003
Age: 18 years
Horoscope: Scorpio
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Stone: Garnet
Lucky Color: Purple
Best Match for Marriage: Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces
Gender: Female
Country: England
Marital Status: single
Eye Color dark brown
Hair Color dark brown
Birth Place London
Nationality American
Father Paul McCartney
Mother Heather Mills
Siblings (3)Mary, Stella, James