Home Celebrity Who Is Ingrid Quinn? Untold Facts About David Boreanaz’s Ex-Wife

Who Is Ingrid Quinn? Untold Facts About David Boreanaz’s Ex-Wife

Who Is Ingrid Quinn? Untold Facts About David Boreanaz’s Ex-Wife
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Ingrid Quinn is a former social worker turned screenwriter. She is best known as the ex-wife of actor David Boreanaz, best known as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth on the Fox crime comedy series Bones (2005-2017).

Ingrid’s ex-partner David is currently known as US Navy SEAL Commander-in-Chief, Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes on the CBS military drama series SEAL Team (2017-present).

Quinn and the two-year-old Boreanaz were together for no less than five years, including marriage. After the divorce, David continued a somewhat straightforward career with consistent work in television. Ingrid, on the other hand, became something of a has-been name.

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Find out what she’s up to these days. Find out if she’s just another name that once rose to prominence thanks to her partner’s exploits, or if she’s a celebrity in her own right.

Who Is David Boreanaz’s Ex-Wife, Ingrid Quinn? 

Although past sources report that Ingrid Quinn is a social worker, the answer to the question of what she does now is a complete poseur.

However, what is credible is that Ingrid, who was 26 at the time of her divorce from David, is said to have been born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Other than that, there is only confusion; whether it be in the specifics of her family, her upbringing, or other details.

Mostly, the thing is, partly due to her one-time rise in the media space, thanks to her unsettled relationship with a New York-born actor.

Ingrid Quinn’s Relationship With Her Former Husband, David Boreanaz  

Quinn married David Boreanaz in June 1997. Some readers claim that Ingrid had bought him a silver Claddagh as a wedding ring & she also advised him to wear it in the movie Buffy. Although David didn’t talk much about Ingrid, he told one of his friends how beautiful Quinn was & that it was love at first sight for him.

The couple met at an art gallery and started dating in 1994 when he was an unknown fighter and she was still a social worker. Ingrid had just sold her first screenplay.

Before meeting Ingrid and his success with Buffy, David also had a reputation as a wild man. A 1998 lawsuit alleged that he and his roommate vandalized a rented Hollywood house. They also destroyed paintings and antiques worth USD 70 000.

But after meeting Ingrid at a studio party, he more or less became a gentleman. Quinn also gave up his job to manage his career.

Ingrid Quinn Divorce

However, her marriage to the leading role, Angel, broke up in 1999.

The latter filed for divorce from Ingrid in October, citing insurmountable differences. David filed divorce papers in Los Angeles Superior Court, asking a judge to end their two-and-a-half-year marriage.

Although he wanted a divorce, Boreanaz said Ingrid was a supportive partner, always there for him, motivating him to do better.

“Ingrid’s always been supportive. She has the same attitude as I do: If you don’t get something, it’s not meant to be. She’ll help me along the way, as far as preparing for something. She’s tough as nails–one strong Irishwoman.”

The CBS star announced in 1999 in an interview with E!, talking about her then-failing relationship with Quinn. Boreanaz and Quinn had separated for five days before filing the court petition.

The Reason Behind Their Split

According to those involved, the divorce was the result of Quinn’s ultimatum – “stop acting like loners or we are finished”. At the time, the Irish-born Quinn stated that the current Bones graduate was behaving like a loose bachelor and that their marriage was therefore at an impasse.

The tabloid press reports that at the time of the break-up David had developed an addiction to Hollywood nightlife. He was constantly attending events and parties and hanging out with a group of girls.

Further names claimed that the Ithaca College graduate never took Ingrid anywhere, and she was bitter about it. Quinn, on the other hand, kept hearing stories about his hanging out with other girls – and this made her even more bitter.

Some informants reported that David’s distance from Quinn began to show when, during Buffy’s love scene, he and his lookalike Sarah became rather too intimate, so much so that it made the headlines of several tabloids.

Later, Ingrid became even more annoyed when she saw a photograph in the newspapers of David and Sarah getting very close in New York’s Life nightclub. There were also photos of them dancing together and holding hands.

Ingrid’s ex-husband, actor David, was also getting too close to other stars of Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

According to sources, the former social worker even regularly visited the “Angel” set to check up on David. After two years of marriage, Ingrid and David finally divorced in 1999. However, the former couple had no children.

Boreanaz And Quinn’s Life After The Divorce; Did Ingrid Quinn Remarry? 

After the divorce, Ingrid’s ex-husband married actress and model Jamie Bergman in 2001. Boreanaz’s marriage to Bergman also had some dark times.

In fact, the I’m With Lucy star’s second engagement also faced somewhat similar situations to his first wife Quinn. But in Bergman’s case, David openly admitted to cheating on her in an interview with PEOPLE magazine in May 2010.

Confessing to the affair, he stated,

“Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.”

David admitted to cheating on his ex-lover and additionally said that she later contacted his lawyer and threatened him to contact the media. The Mighty Macs star explained that he had an extramarital affair with a woman who later started asking for money.

Boreanaz said that he felt that she was blackmailing him or that some kind of extortion was taking place. The woman with whom he allegedly had an affair was Rachel Uchitel, the same woman with whom golf legend Tiger Woods It had reported that to have committed adultery.

However, despite the infidelity, Boreanaz and Bergman are still together and are parents to son Jaden Rayne and daughter Bardot Vita (now Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz). As with David’s ex-wife Quinn, there is almost no trace of her current personal relationship.

One could say that she went completely into oblivion as soon as she ended her bondage to the Seal Team producer. So one can only guess whether she had married, has a boyfriend, or has a family of her own.

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Ingrid Quinn’s Former Husband, David Boreanaz Net Worth 

After the fame of Buffy and Angel, Quinn’s ex-partner David Boreanaz got a new career break, playing Sylvia Booth in Bones and Jason Heyson in Seal Team.

The Slovenian-born actor, who has been active since the early 1990s, has appeared in more than 25 TV projects and films, as well as starring in more than 300 episodes. And it is quite clear that his net worth has accumulated over the years and now exceeds USD 30 million.

Although he has not had much success on the big screen, he has earned a lot of money thanks to his busy profession in television. As a small screen actor, Boreanaz reported that his salary over the years has ranged between USD 250 000 and USD 400 000 per episode.

In addition, he has also earned money from his work as a producer and from royalties. In addition, sources suggest that he has already benefited quite significantly in 2019. This came after he and his Bones co-star Emily Deschanel won a lawsuit against Fox that forced the telco to pay $178 million to the stars and additional plaintiffs.

Quinn’s ex also has the benefit of enjoying the profits his TV series would make from streaming services.