Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Real GigaChad? Untold Truth
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If you’re a fan of memes, you’ve probably come across the Gigachad memes. People were skeptical that Gigachad was a real person after his muscular physique went viral on social networks. However, after a while, people started to invest time in finding out whether Gigachad was a real person or just a digitally created identity. It has been several years since Gigachad memes made headlines and, as we approach 2022, there is plenty of evidence to confirm Gigachad’s existence. In fact, we have found out that Gigachad is a Russian model and bodybuilder named Ernest Khalimov. But what is the truth? Is Ernest Halimov the real Gigachad?

Let’s explore the life of Ernest Halimov or Gigachad in today’s article. Let’s explore information about his family, relationships, and more.

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Gigachad Indeed?

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian model and bodybuilder who is best known as Gigachad. There is no official information on whether Khalimov is really Gigachad. It was said that there are many websites that openly claim that Ernest is Khalimov.

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Real GigaChad? Untold Truth
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As for his birth details, there is no information in the media about his date of birth. At the same time, however, some online sources have mentioned that Khalimov was born in the early 1990s. On the other hand, some sources have mentioned that Zhigachad has already crossed the 50-year threshold. Meanwhile, if we look at the handle on his Instagram account, it says berlin. in 1969, so we speculate that Halimov was born in 1969, which would make him age 53 in 2022.

Ernest is from Russia and he discovered his career in his country. Meanwhile, many people have said that Halimov is of Turkish descent, while some believe he is from Azerbaijan. However, in one of his social media posts, Halimov clarified that he does not belong to so many nationalities, but to German and Russian.

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The Truth of Ernest Khalimov Being the Gigachad

How could anyone be so perfect? This was the most common question people asked after the Giga Chad memes hit the headlines. Many of us assumed that the photos had been photoshopped for business purposes.

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Real GigaChad? Untold Truth
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However, a tweet by Scottish YouTuber Mark Mechan, better known as Count Dankula, in April 2020 brought a new twist. Dankula seemed shocked to learn the truth about Gigachad.

For the longest time I thought the gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop but it’s actually a real dude lmao,” wrote Dankula in the caption. Here is the tweet.

But many of Dankula’s followers retweeted, saying the photos were partly photoshopped and done by Ernest’s girlfriend.

Ernest is a Model for “Sleek and Tears”

Ernest has worked as a model for Sleek and Tears. Many of his photos can be seen on his Instagram account called berlin.1969. The account has a total of 28 posts and already boasts 925 thousand followers as of June 2022.

Meanwhile, Sleek and Tears also have an Instagram account managed by Krista Sudamalis. The account features photos of several models, including Ernests Halimovs. Looking at these photos, we can safely say that a lot of editing is done before they are published online.

After looking at these photographs, we can say that Gigachad’s photographs also undergo some kind of photoshop processing. Who knows, maybe Halimov does not look like he appears in social networks and memes.

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Ernest Khalimov Died? Know About His Accident

We often come across rumors about the death of celebrities. Stars such as Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Kanye West, and Dwayne Johnson have been rumored dead many times. Similarly, the jigger Ernest Halimov was rumored to be dead in April 2021.

At the time, it was rumored that Halimov had been involved in a car accident in which he lost his life, but there are no such official reports. Although the rumors spread quite quickly on the internet, people did not want to believe them.

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In the meantime, there are some recent posts on his social network account showing him. So we can safely say that Gigachad is doing well and has been actively pursuing his modeling career since 2022.

What About His Love Life? His Girlfriend in 2022

Despite Halimov’s presence on social media, he has never spoken about his love life and girlfriends. However, many internet sources have mentioned that Gigachad is dating Krista Sudamali, the girl who manages the Sleek and Tears Instagram account.

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Real GigaChad? Untold Truth

In addition, some fans have also mentioned Krista as Halimov’s girlfriend from time to time. However, there is no official information that Halimov and Sudamalis are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Quick Facts About Ernest Khalimov

Full Real Name Ernest Khalimov.
Famous as GigaChad.
Age (as of 2021) B/W 30-31 years old.
Profession Fashion Model, Bodybuilder, Fitness Trainer, and Entrepreneur.
Date of Birth B/W 1991-1992.
Place of Birth Moscow, Russia.
Education Graduation.
Alma mater Local Private School.
Net worth $1 million USD (approx.).
Height (approx.) Feet Inches: 6′ 11″.
Meters: 2.10 m.
Centimetres: 210 cm.
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 98 kg.
In Pounds: 216.05 lbs.
Eye Color Dark Brown.
Hair Color Dark Brown.
Nationality Russian.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Religion Christian.
Social Media Profile Instagram: @berlin.1969