Wally Bayola Scandal and Issue Explained – Filipino Comedian Faces Viral Video Leak Controversy
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Wally Bayola Scandal and Issue Explained – Filipino Comedian Faces Viral Video Leak Controversy: Wally Bayola, a well-known Filipino comedian, has been facing backlash following the leak of a viral video in 2013.

Bayola, who gained popularity for playing Lola Nidora in the Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga, was caught up in a scandal after a video of him and “EB Babe” Yosh Rivera surfaced online.

The video quickly spread on social media, leading to Bayola’s temporary absence from Eat Bulaga. The comedian’s manager, Malau Choa Fagar, confirmed that he would be taking a break from the show.

The Circumstances Surrounding the Viral Video Leak

In a recent interview with Bandera, Bayola confirmed that he had sold his laptop to Rivera in 2012. He had appeared in the viral video with her, and to prevent it from spreading, he had deleted all the data before handing over the laptop.

However, the files were retrieved when Rivera took the laptop to a service facility in Quezon City for repair.

Bayola sought the assistance of his friends who worked for the National Bureau of Investigation as soon as the video went viral. Although the NBI could identify the video’s origin, it was unclear who was responsible for the leak.

Bayola’s Emotional Struggle in the Wake of the Scandal

Bayola was devastated by the scandal and admitted in an interview that he had come close to taking his own life at the height of the controversy. He even considered shooting himself before seeking help from his fellow Eat Bulaga members and close friend Jose Manalo.

Manalo advised Bayola to speak with his daughter, who was undergoing treatment for rare eye cancer in the hospital. When Bayola spoke to her, she simply said, “Ikaw Kasi Papa, eh,” which helped ease his emotional turmoil.

Bayola’s Career Before and After the Scandal

Before the scandal, Bayola had been a fixture on Eat Bulaga, collaborating with Jose Manalo on comedic skits. He also appeared in movies like Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak! and Enteng ng Ina Mo, and made promotional appearances on ABS-CBN programs.

After the scandal, Bayola took a temporary break from Eat Bulaga but eventually returned to the show. He rose to fame playing various roles in the Kalyeserye segment, including Dora de Explorer and Lola Nidora.

In 2014, he was honored with the Best Supporting Actor award at the Dabarkads Awards.

In conclusion, Wally Bayola’s scandal and the subsequent fallout were a difficult time for Filipino comedians. While he faced backlash and a temporary absence from Eat Bulaga, he eventually returned to the show and continued to be a popular figure in Filipino entertainment.