Home Celebrity Una Johnson, Rocky Johnson’ First Wife: What You Need To Know?

Una Johnson, Rocky Johnson’ First Wife: What You Need To Know?

Una Johnson, Rocky Johnson’ First Wife: What You Need To Know?
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Una Johnson is the mysterious first wife of Dwayne Johnson’s father, Rocky Johnson (Dwayne Johnson’s father). The couple was married for about ten years but then went their separate ways.

Of all his wives over the years, Una is the only one who has preferred a life without media attention. Probably that’s why there is not much information about her current whereabouts, but don’t worry, because we might have something.

In addition, from her marriage to Rocky, Una became the mother of two children. Where are their children now? Let’s take a closer look!

Una Johnson Was Brought Up In Nova Scotia

She was born Una Sparks in Nova Scotia to a modest family. Her parents raised her in the Afro-Canadian community of Cherrybrook, about 15 miles from Halifax. At an early age, Una learned about her rich African-American heritage and roots. In addition, Una was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Because Una had lived a rather private life up to this point, there is not much information about her parents or siblings. The story of her early education is similar.

She First Met Rocky Johnson In A Dancing Event

It was in the 1960s that Rocky and Una’s paths first crossed. Una had moved to Toronto to live with her family, and Rocky had come to Toronto for his wrestling training and so on.

One fateful night, Una went to a dance event somewhere in Toronto, and by chance, Rocky was there. During the dance, the duo crossed eyes for the first time and they had a big crush. Afterward, they introduced each other and exchanged numbers.

Soon, what started as a hobby turned into full-time love. After a while, they started dating officially.

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Una Sparks Became Una Johnson: Her Marriage To Rocky Johnson

Just six months after their initial meeting, the lovebirds decided to take the next big step. In his memoir Soulman: The Rocky Johnson, the deceased wrestler said he decided to marry Una because he was madly in love with her and was tired of living alone in Toronto.

After much thought, Rocky proposed to Una and she said yes. Eventually, in 1966, the couple exchanged vows. Although we have no information on how the marriage ceremony took place, we are sure that it was an intimate affair attended by many of their close friends and family.

Una And Rocky Became Proud Parents Of Two Children

The couple welcomed two beautiful children into their happy marriage – a boy, Curtis Boulez, and a girl, Wanda Boulez. Both are older than Una’s stepson Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from Rocky’s second marriage to Atta Johnson.

In addition, Una and Rocky are devoted parents to their children. Although Rocky was not around his children much because of his commitment to combat sports, he valued all the time he spent with his children, no matter how limited. That is why all three of Rocky’s children were incredibly close to their late father. In addition, Rocky had great respect for his children and his first wife. He even mentioned it in his 2008 Hall of Fame speech.

In addition, Curtis and Wanda felt the same love and respect for their mother, Una. Looking through his son’s Facebook account, there is not a day when he has not paid tribute to his mother, be it her birthday or Mother’s Day.

You can say that Una has done an incredible job raising both of her children.

Una And Rocky Johnson Divorced After A Decade Of Marriage

However you look at it, relationships are something quite fragile and can fall apart at the slightest moment. Similarly, Una and Rocky’s otherwise stable marriage broke down when they had a difference of opinion.

As we mentioned earlier, Una was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness, and her faith limited her blood sports. Although it worked well at first, when Rocky started to climb the ladder of success in martial arts, problems began to arise in his married life.

Once when Rocky came back from Calgary, Una gave him a very hard choice – to quit the sport or leave her. Considering how well his career was going at the time and how much effort he had put into it from the start, his choice was clear, however tragic.

Eventually, their marriage broke down and they finally divorced in 1978. However, there is one peculiarity about their divorce. Rocky became a father for the third time in 1972 when he and Aunt May welcomed Dwayne Johnson. At the time of the birth of their third child, he was still married to Una. This suggests two things: either he cheated on her and kept his second family behind closed doors, or his marriage to Una had already broken down when he met his second wife, Ata.

Anyway, Rocky and Una divorced in 1978, the same year he married his girlfriend Ata. Whatever happened between Una and Rocky, the couple remained friends. And all three of his children share a deep bond. They are still on good terms with each other and often spend time together. Rocky’s older brother Curtis often shares photos of them.

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After The Divorce From Rocky, Where Is Una Johnson? Is She Still Alive?

These questions have been on many minds: where is Una Johnson, what is she doing today? To be honest, no one knows where she is. The last time I heard from Rocky’s first wife was a long time ago.

In light of this, Una’s son Curtis occasionally shares little glimpses into their lives. For example, on Mother’s Day 2021, he shared a post celebrating his mum’s life as she is. In addition, many of his friends commented on the post and sent their love to Una.

Judging by the post and the comments, Una is still alive and living her life.

On the other hand, Una’s ex-husband was married three times after divorcing her. His second marriage was to Ata Maivia. After his divorce from her, he allegedly married a woman called Dana Martina. His last marriage was to a speech pathologist, Shiela North. Rocky passed away in January 2020 at age 75. Died of a pulmonary embolism at his home in Lutz, Florida.