The Mystery of Thomas Sanders Sexuality and Why People Are Asking If He Is Gay
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Thomas Sanders is a multi-talented American who has been involved with everything to do with entertainment, including acting, screenwriting, and singing. But it is precisely in social media that he has become better known as a joker and comedian. In 2002, he began to establish himself as an entertainer, although he did not gain recognition until much later.

While his professional life has caused a lot of media hype, his private life, including his sexuality and family life, has not been a big public affair, as Sanders is not generous with such details. Here is a look at his life away from the entertainment circuit.

Who is Thomas Sanders?

The popular social media personality, singer, and actor was born on April 24, 1989, as Thomas Foley Sanders. He grew up with his brothers Shea, Patrick, and Christian in Gainesville, Florida.

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When Thomas and his brothers were little, they took the family camcorder and recorded clips of themselves doing various things that would later make them laugh. This was his first romance with the camera, although he was always a shy child.

Thomas Sanders Bio
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A devoted Catholic of Irish descent, he graduated from high school in Gainesville and then moved to the University of Florida where he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

He began his social media career on Vine, where he became one of the most popular people on the platform. When he first opened the platform, he used it to post songs, comedies, and pranks under the name of his dog Foster Dawg.

On the platform, where he took up his first post in 2013, Thomas Sanders commanded a legion of more than 8.3 million followers before it was closed. He was one of the most popular personalities on Vine and was named the most popular Vine celebrity in 2014, before winning the Streamy Awards for Viner of the year in 2016. His resume became even richer the same year when he was also named Best YouTube Comedian at the awards ceremony.

Although he had been building his YouTube channel since 2009, he made his first contribution in 2011 and began showing videos more regularly in 2013. Later he became even more famous for his YouTube series; Sanders Side, which deals with the handling of hesitation, fear, separation, adulthood, and responsibility. He directs the series with various personalities including Prince Roman, Patton, Virgil, and Logan.

After Vine was closed, he started posting more and more on YouTube. By January 2020, he had built his channel with more than 3.2 million subscribers and nearly a quarter of a billion views.

In addition to his presence and strength in social media, Thomas Sanders is also a singer who released his first album in 2016. He is also well known in the acting world, having played roles in community theatre, and regularly appears in all local functions. Sanders has appeared in productions such as Hot Mikado (2007), Singin’ in the Rain (2009) and Les Misérables (2014).

Thanks to the success of his YouTube channel, he is expected to bag up to $3 million each year.

Is Thomas Sanders Gay?

The personal life and sexuality of the versatile and highly talented YouTuber have always been the subject of many questions and speculation.

However, he decided to end all this when he finally came out and came clean by announcing that he is neither hetero- nor bisexual; he is just gay. Thomas Sanders first made the revelation on Twitter in response to the never-ending question of whether he was gay. He affirmed the question and pointed out that he was gay because he was born that way.

The beloved YouTube star would confirm that he was gay for the second time within a few days, this time on YouTube.

The Mystery of Thomas Sanders Sexuality and Why People Are Asking If He Is Gay
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Is He Dating Anyone?

Although he has finally come out as gay, there is still so much that Thomas Sanders has not yet revealed about his private life, especially about who he is with or who he has been with in the past. In the meantime, he hasn’t introduced any special person in his life to his countless fans, and there is no one we can confirm that he is his friend at the moment.

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What Fueled the Speculations About His Sexuality?

Long before he came out, there was always speculation that the social media personality might as well be gay. One of the main reasons is that he used to make jokes about being into guys. That’s why he was once asked if this is how he came out.

While most people believed he was just gay, others thought he could also be bisexual. The claim that he was bisexual began after he explained that both sexes were great, but that he cared more about a person’s personality than his sex.

Many also thought he was bisexual because of the personality he sometimes assumes in his videos.