Who is Jai Wiggins? Meet Yung Miami’s baby daddy

Yung Miami is a rapper from America who became famous by rapping with JT in a group called City Girls. When Yung Miami was younger she was in a relationship with someone named Jai Wiggins. Sadly Jai was killed in a shooting.

Jai Wiggins Bio

Jai was born in Miami Florida in 1993 but we don’t know much about his family or his childhood. He met Yung at a party and they fell in love. They had a son together in 2013 but they broke up in 2015 because Jai was violent. He hit Yung in the head and face when she tried to say hello to him in his car. The court told him to stay away from her and Yung got custody of their son.

After the incident, Yung Miami became more cautious about her safety and the safety of her son. She made sure to keep a distance from Jai and took legal action to protect herself and her child.

Despite the challenges, she faced Yung Miami continued to pursue her music career with JT and the City Girls. They released several hit songs and became popular in the music industry.

Yung Miami is a strong and resilient person who overcame difficult situations in her life. She serves as an inspiration to many young people who aspire to achieve their dreams despite the obstacles they may face.

Jai was shot on June 15 2020 and died from his injuries.

How old is Jai Wiggins?

We don’t know for sure how old Jai would have been in 2023 because we don’t know his exact birthday. We also can’t figure out his zodiac sign because we don’t know his birth date.

Where is Jai Wiggins now?

Jai died on June 15 2020 after being shot and he was not able to survive.

How many children does Jai Wiggens have with Yung Miami?

Jai Wiggins Jr is the son of Jai who died in 2020. Jai Wiggins Jr was born in 2013 and is nine years old. He now lives with his mom Yung Miami.